Barnes and Noble is said to be the only company in E-reader market that has turned out hostile for its customers. More than hundreds of cases in this regard have noticed so far. All these are due to an infinite number of factors. If we talk about the recent one, then Nook has stopped providing Nook support and services to the customers living in the UK. All the customers living in the UK will not be able to download books and other videos from the UK bookstore.

Barnes and Noble in 2009 released the first E-ink display e-reader that was emerged out to be the best E-reader in reader market. At that time, this device supported 3G and wireless connectivity. After a year the company had released its first android based tablet in the market. The Nook Company is known for providing the best Nook customer service in the market but the sudden changes in the policies and rules have totally changed the minds of customers.

Now we are going to discuss the reasons for its hatred by the people.

Barnes And Noble Nook

Sideloading problem

The first and the foremost problem that disheartened the customers were; they cannot sideload the apps from any other platform other than Nook own apps available on www nook com, whereas there are some apps which are available only on android play store.

You can’t backup EBooks

In 2014, Barnes & noble had removed the option to download the book from EBook store. This was done to limit the customers from using third-party sources for E-reading but this has created a feeling of angriness among the users.

Limited memory storage

Another reason for the downfall of this device was limited storage capacity. The Nook tablet is coming with 4 GB of internal storage out of which 500 MB is available for loading contents. Although all the Nook tablets were coming with front-lit technology but the limited storage ability prevented the users from storing large EBook files. They couldn’t even store the files on their accounts, which were created on www nook com account link.

Barnes and Noble outsourced their Nook design to Samsung

In 2014, the agreement between Barnes & Noble and Samsung had been done. The main decision made in this agreement was to outsource the new tablet design to Samsung. As a result of it, Samsung had launched its first galaxy tab 4 nook tablet with 10.1 inches screen. The most amusing thing to watch in this tablet was; there wasn’t any Nook branding available on the physical device but only customized apps and that too available on Nook com support link only. This was one of the poor decision taken by a company that totally defamed its hardware identity.

Barnes and Noble closed the international windows app

The company was operating with windows 8 e-reading apps and allowed the users to download the books and magazine from anywhere across 40 countries. The payment was done via Microsoft account to the bookseller. Lately in 2015, Barnes and Noble had announced that they are going to close their bookstores from the market and it will remain accessible only for US customers. This had become a limitation for some users who had purchased EBooks from other markets. They were left with no other option than to get refunds from Microsoft. Some have even tried to take Nook help from the website but got nothing in this regard. All the E-books, which they had downloaded from the EBook store went in vain.

Closure of Nook UK store

Earlier this week, Barnes and Noble has announced the closure of Nook store from UK market. The company has also successfully transferred all of their existing UK customers from Nook to Sainsbury digital entertainment on demand store. The company has also confirmed that UK users will not be able to buy books from UK store after the deadline. Moreover, the company also affirmed that there is no such update available so far, which will allow UK residents to download E-books on their device.