Last year, there was a big problem with Kindle Fire tablets, as they suddenly begin to de-register themselves. The issue was not confined to any particular Kindle Fire model, but it especially affected those Kindle Fire tablets, which were running on 8.9 OS.

There are a large number of threads throughout the web, especially on Amazon forums where people have mentioned the issue and the inconvenience caused by it. The problem got rectified after some time, but I was checking those forums again and found that the problem has appeared again. People who faced the issue last year are facing it again. This time around, the issue is not predominantly affecting 8.9 OS, but it has now got a new target, i.e., Kindle Fire with a price tag of $50 and Kindle Fire tablets for children, which also run Freetime.

What actually happening is that the devices are getting de-registered spontaneously, people are not being able to log into their profiles as they are lost, passwords are not being accepted by the devices, data has been deleted from the devices, all the content and games that were present on Kindle Fire tablets are gone. They immediately tried to reach Amazon Kindle support for help.

Kindle Fire De-Register Support

There are a number of descriptions of the devices getting de-registered, passwords not getting accepted, profiles lost and so on. It has also been found that the data, content, and game progress getting vanished from the Kindle Fire tablets. A number of Kindle Fire tablet owners have registered multiple devices with their Amazon Kindle account. They are the ones who are reporting that the newer tablets, which are getting de-registered whereas older devices are not. There are also some people who are not being able to get their devices registered again when they attempt to resolve the problem.

When the problem had occurred last year, then it was observed that there was a technical flaw, which could be sorted out with the Kindle Fire update.

Some people have also reported that their children were using Kindle Fire kids’ edition, which suddenly got deregistered when they were plugged for charging. All the content, profiles, progress and other things were lost. There were certain dialog boxes prompting them to start everything over. People have tried contacting Kindle fire support for assistance regarding this issue, but, the solution they received was ‘re-register and start afresh’. This is not a solution in my opinion because this will make people do all the process all over again. The data, which was deleted will not be retrieved, which is not good because some data is important for the people.

This problem has made people think about Kindle Fire and its reliability. Kindle Fire used to be a reliable device, but this issue has created a sense of doubt in people’s mind whether they should buy Kindle Fire or not. It is not clear from the forums that are scattered all over the web, whether the problem is confined to Kindle Fire tablets or other Kindle models as well. Many people also think that the problem is in Kindle Fire for kids’ version. The bottom line is that there is an annoying problem in Kindle Fire tablets, and it must be sorted out at once.

There is a need to get into the account by doing Amazon credit card login. People who have got Amazon credit card will find it easier to sort out this problem, but those who don’t have this card should get one and try to get into their respective Kindle accounts.