Have you recently purchased a kindle model for reading purpose? If yes, then I would like to know your reviews regarding the experience of using it after Amazon kindle login. Today, in this blog post I am going to discuss the feedbacks of some users, who have brought this device for reading purpose.

Some of the users have reported in negative and wrote that they are not at all satisfied with the performance of kindle device. No doubt, they were able to download the EBooks from kindle download page successfully but when they tried to open the books on their device, they feel totally upset because the books could not open due to technical and performance failure. What they have observed after consulting at Amazon kindle customer service number is that kindle support the sequential reading that bars some readers from reading.

Now I am going to place some important features and limitations of this device in front of you.

  1. If you want to swap across the pages, then this is not an easy task for you. Your device will not respond instantaneously. It will take a time to load the next pages because the refresh rate of kindle device is too low. In the same way, if you want to move backward, then this will again annoy you as it is the time-consuming process. You will not find the concrete solution to this problem even on Amazon kindle support page.
  2. If you want to view the whole contents and pictures of a book in one go, then you won’t be able to do so at once. The loading time of kindle device is high and it can even take several minutes to load a full book. Yes, if you are facing any problem in installing the books, then go to ‘manage kindle device’ option and re-download the book.
  3. If you want to see two pages together, then you will require pressing the key four times.  A single touch will not solve your purpose. ‘Finger’ approach is not at all valid for random page viewing. This feature is easy and available in almost all other companies E-reader.
  4. The screen size is also compromised up to some extent. If you compare it with its rivals, then you are getting such a small size screen at the same price. The screen size matters a lot if you are reading a large EBook because the number of words on a single page doesn’t cross certain limits.

If you are an owner of kindle fire tablet and find any problem in reading EBooks, then you can take help from kindle fire support link. If you want to install the latest book in your kindle fire tablet then you need to log onto kindle account and after that, you can easily search for any title on kindle book store and get it downloaded on your device.

No doubt, kindle device is compact and convenient for you, as there is no need to carry any physical book along with you when you are going for a vacation or on an official trip but there are certain flaws and limitations, which pulls our hand from holding a kindle in it. There are some bookworms, who are giving the credit of their knowledge to the kindle E-reader because they believe that the material and contents available in the EBooks are not available in the physical books yet. They feel pleasure in using it, so at last, we can say that there are some astounding advantages of this device, which no one can deny.