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What’s The Process Of Sending eBooks, Articles & Docs To Kindle Device Or Kindle App?

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Buying an eBook from the Amazon store is a lot easier. You can buy one or multiple books and read it on the Kindle device or on any other device via Kindle app. But, is it possible for people to read their own docs, articles or eBooks that are bought from other platforms than Amazon on the Kindle device or through Kindle app? Let’s discuss this today!

It doesn’t matter which Kindle device you are using, whether the latest Kindle Oasis, the regular Kindle device or app for iOS or Android, the feature that we all know by the name of Send-to-Kindle is going to be very handy for pushing your content to these gadgets and applications. But, people who are using Windows 8 application, Windows Phone app, BlackBerry app and cloud reader of Kindle will not be able to use the Send-to-Kindle function.

However, there is more than one way of sending the content to read on your Kindle device or iOS or Android app. You can send it from your browser, desktop, email or Android. You can see each one of these aspects and then take a decision as to which one works best for you.

Sending by Email

You need to go to ‘Manage content and devices’ on Amazon in order to do a small setup procedure. You can then click ‘settings’ and find ‘Send-to-Kindle email settings.

You will come across a list of the devices you currently have access to. You can only send the items to those devices with the email address, which is related to it.

The transfer of content can only take place if the mail is approved, otherwise, you will start getting content from different sources, thus resulting in spam. You need to find ‘Approved Personal Document email List’ option and add the emails that will be used to send the content.

Sending by PC

You can send content from a Send-To-Kindle app that was introduced back in 2012. You can send content from your Windows PC or Mac. After downloading the application, you can select the files that you want to send and just shoot them off to your device. There is no need to setup any email process.

You are going to get three ways of sending files, i.e., drag and drop, right click and print dialog. It is a lot easier to use the desktop apps as you can use them for any file that is stored in your computer. If you want to send blog posts, articles or web pages, then you will have to use browser extensions. If you are not able to send the files, then kindly get in touch with Amazon Kindle support for further assistance.

Sending by browser

You can easily send-off blog posts and articles to your Kindle with the Firefox and Chrome extensions. Download the extensions and send the content through Wi-Fi. If you face any problem, then just log onto www Kindle com support, which happens to be the official website of the company.

Sending by Android

Android offers a much better sharing platform than iOS, so the send-to-kindle docs that you receive on your iOS or Android device can only be sent from Android and not iOS.

Android apps are more versatile than the iOS apps, so you can easily send the files from this platform to your other devices. If you are not able to do so, then you can take Kindle support.

The process of sending files can also be done in Kindle Fire tablets. The procedure remains the same, so there is nothing to worry. If you are facing trouble in sending files, then I would recommend you to take the help of Kindle Fire support help because they are the ones who can get rid of the issue for you.

So, this blog post has confirmed the versatility of Kindle devices, and also shed light on their capabilities.

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