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What’s The Process Of Rooting Amazon Kindle Fire HDX To Access Apps Form Google Play Store?

Kindle Fire HDX

The market share of Kindle is more than any e-Reader brand. The reason why Amazon Kindle is faring better than any other e-Reader is that Amazon was the first company to have come out with such a product. Amazon has launched multiple Kindle models until now out of which, Kindle Fire HDX is among the most popular ones. Today, we are going to discuss the process of rooting Kindle Fire HDX, so if you own this particular model and are looking to root it, then the steps given below will help you in a great way.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is an excellent device that not just provide you with a great platform to read eBooks, but also do a host of other tasks that can be done on tablets. This particular eReader is packed with several captivating features that don’t just make using the tablet easier, but a joyful experience.

But, if you are not satisfied with the Amazon App Store and want to buy eBooks from the Google Play Store, then you will have to root the device in order to do so. By rooting the device, you can gain admin rights to Google Play Store. Rooting will allow you to customize the tablet, i.e., add new features and apps that you couldn’t think of adding before.

Steps to root Amazon Kindle Fire HDX:

  1. Permit 3rd party app installation

You’ll have to enable a specific setting to begin the installation of apps from unknown sources. In order to do so, go to ‘Apps’ in the settings menu.

  1. Download Towelroot

Rooting process can be complicated at times, so if you want to make it easier, then you should use ‘Towelroot’ software. This software is being used in a number of Android devices because of its simplicity. You can download the app by going to

  1. Install a ‘File Browser’

After you download Towelroot, you will have to install a specific file browser. It is recommended that you download ES File Explorer, as a countless number of users is using it.

  1. Install Towelroot

Once you download Towelroot and ES File Explorer, you need to open ES File Explorer followed by opening ‘Download’ folder. You are going to see a file named ‘tr.apk’, which is a Towelroot file. Tap that file to install it, and once it is installed, open the file to run it.

  1. Tap to Root

Towelroot has a very intuitive interface, which will make using this software a lot easier. It is going to take a few seconds before you could start using this app. Once the app is installed, you will be able to download apps in APK format that you were not able to use before.

  1. Install a Root Management App

If you are not in favor of the app accessing the root, then you need to install a root management app. The app is available at many reliable sources, so you can easily install the app from any reliable source.

This was all about the process of rooting the Kindle Fire HDX, and I believe it is a simple process that can be done without taking anybody’s help. But, if you find the need of taking someone’s help, then you can log onto the Tablet Helpline website as they are experts in performing such complicated processes.

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