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What’s So Special In B&N Nook Edges? Let’s Discuss In Detail

Nook Edges

Nook edges are one of those topics that people are looking to find an answer for. There are two ways by which a proper solution to this issue could be determined, i.e., by taking Nook support or by reading the below-mentioned blog post.


Hold your Nook tablet in such a way that the screen of the tablet faces you. On the sides of the Nook tablet, you will find all important buttons that you would use to resolve issues in the device. We will discuss one by one about these buttons in this blog post. There is no need to take help from www Nook com. We will try to make you understand the functioning of these buttons.

  1. On the Top and Right

When it comes to the top right side of your Nook tablet, you are going to find volume buttons. Both the buttons for increase and decrease in the volume are integrated in a symmetrical manner. You can adjust the level of volume according to your choice. On the Top head of Nook tablet, you will find headphone jack to connect the earphones to the Nook tablet. This is normal 3.5 mm jack in which you can easily insert the headphones of high quality. For specifications and guided instructions, go to Nook com support. You will find complete details on this site.

  1. Bottom Nook

There isn’t an important thing at the bottom of Nook tablet other than the USB port. This USB port mainly serves two functions. These are:

  • You can charge your tablet with this port by connecting the USB cable to this point and connect the other end of this cable with a portable This will charge the internal battery of Tablet. To use your tablet, you need to have nook account on www nook com account link, then only you will able to access the books online.
  • To share the files stored on your computer over your Nook tablet, you can connect the tablet to a computer through this port by plugging the USB cable into it. All the Nook compatible files can be easily transferred from PC to Nook tablet and vice-versa. Moreover, Nook Color support processors, spreadsheets and presentation files.

If you feel comfortable with the normal operations of your window and Macintosh system, then you can connect the Nook tablet with your computer. It will work as a storage device just similar to hard drive and flash memory. For more information go to Nook help link.

  1. Nook left side

You will find the most important button on this side that is the power button, which will help you in turning on the tablet. Now we are going to explain the operation of power button:

  • To turn on your device press the power button for more than 4 seconds and then release it. You will be prompted to enter the password if set earlier.
  • To turn off your device, Again press the button for 5 seconds, then you will find different options on your screen. Select turn off option from there.

There is no need to turn off your Nook tablet if you are using it on frequently. Just gently press the off button on the Nook, which will put the device into sleep mode. The recently left path will be opened automatically as soon as you unlock the device.

When your Nook tablet is fully charged, then it will remain active for a week without recharging again but one thing you should keep in mind that don’t forget to turn off the Wi-Fi when not in use, otherwise it will drain the battery fast. If you find any problem in turning on the Nook tablet after its battery will drain out completely, then you can call at Nook customer service number.

When to turn off the Nook tablet completely?

  1. When you are on an airplane.
  2. You are in the hospital or at some place similar to it.
  3. If you want to put your Tablet aside for a month, then switch it off.

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