Amazon Fire is a special series that was launched with a sole motive to entice people who love reading books but need a bit more than just an e-reader. Amazon Fire has the ability to provide extraordinary features to people who are looking for something extra in an electronic device. There is no doubt upon the fact that Amazon Fire is among the top-selling devices in the world. The market for Kindle devices has grown exponentially in the past few years, and it continues to grow as you read this blog.

Where most Amazon Kindle readers possess similar kind of features, Kindle Fire has a plenty of new features, which give a breath of fresh air to the overall segment. Recently, Amazon Fire updated itself to Bellini Fire OS 5.1.1, which promises better interface and functionality. But, people are not sure about the changes that have incurred in Kindle Fire after this update. They want to know what this new update is and how many changes have come along with it. There is a revamped version of ‘Manage my Kindle account’ option in this new update.

First of all, the new update doesn’t have anything to do with Google Play Store and different mods. You can use regular features that Google has in the offering. There is no change in those features. The issues with this new Amazon Kindle update is related to Amazon Fire own features, and this is what we will be discussing in this blog post. When people did the last update, they started to find problem accessing their microSD card via ES File explorer. The problem could only be resolved by removing the memory card and reinstalling it. With this update, this problem hasn’t appeared, which shows that the latest update has seemed to fix this issue.

There have been kid-friendly features added on Kindle Fire such as Activity Centre, FreeTime Web Browser, and Curfew. Though adults won’t be using these features, but these are great additions. Those who are planning to buy Amazon Kindle Fire for their kids can definitely take a look at these features because these will allow kids to learn a lot new things. Think it like this, the new update has opened up the doors of Kindle Fire for kids as well. For more information about the update or in the case of any assistance, you need to get Kindle help and support.

There have been some changes in the downloadable voices on Kindle Fire. Well, this can’t be considered as a new feature, as many have used it in the past. But, there is vast majority of people who will use this feature for the first time. This feature allows people to let Amazon Kindle Fire read books to them. Just sit back and relax, while Kindle Fire reads book for them. Kindle email is another feature that is included in the device with this new update.

Those who have rooted their Kindle Fire tablets have encountered issues after getting these updates. People who have rooted their Amazon Kindle Fire need to hold off a bit, otherwise they will experience issues like those people who are already experiencing it. If you are among those who have already rooted their Kindle Fire devices, then you will have to root your device. For that, you can take the help of Kindle support providers as well.

To know more about the issues that you are facing and where to get the right support, you can get in touch with Amazon Kindle customer service. They are the ones who know it all about the issues, so they will be able to help you in the best way.