Kindle lovers love their device but sometimes as it is an electronic device so it tends to be susceptible to various technical issues but fortunately kindle support is there to address your issues and to provide an appropriate solution. Sometimes you might have noticed that your device tends to respond slowly to your touch and the screen freezes. Sometimes the Kindle Fire HD can freeze on the home screen while you are using any application or during the booting process. You require a manual restart to resolve the frozen screen problem.

How to do a manual restart

You need to power down the device normally before manually restarting your Kindle. Simply press the power button which is on the bottom of the device and hold it for about 2-3 sec. You will see a message, “Do you want to shut down your Kindle?” once you tap shut down the device shuts off. Now turn the device on by pressing the power button again. Now you should be able to come back to the Home screen otherwise take Kindle help. In case you are not able to shut down your device normally then manually restart your device.

For manually restarting your device you need to hold power button again for about 20 sec and when the timer appears on the screen simply click it and the countdown will begin. After 20 sec release the power button and press the power button again to turn your device on. After successful restart who will be able to see the home screen.

If your Kindle Fire HD screen tends to be unresponsive frequently then make sure that firmware is up to date not outdated. You can easily figure out which software version your device need by visiting the Amazon Kindle website. In case your device freezes after using the particular app then you need the most updated version of that specific app and you can get it by visiting the Amazon App store. However, if your device is not responding to touch then clean the screen with a slightly damp cloth.

Last option is resetting your device if your device still doesn’t work properly. Head towards “Settings “menu and then tap “Reset Device”. Make sure to create a backup or else you will lose data like downloaded content, personal information etc. To save your data you can save your files on the Amazon cloud and later on retrieve them after the reset. The content that you have purchased gets automatically saved to the cloud and you can download it after you register your Kindle to your Kindle account or in case of any difficulty get in touch with Kindle customer service which works 24 ×7 to answer your queries.