Apple is exploring the world of tablets and coming up with new tablets with more features and specifications. Last year in September Apple launched its largest ever tablet .The iPad Pro has an enormous 12.9-inch screen, it supported the Apple pencil stylus and was equipped with a powerful processor.

Though iPad pro was liked by many and was given a good rating because of its impressive front-facing speakers, strong processor, and amazing display quality.

After that came iPad Pro 9.7 as a replacement of iPad Air 2. It has a smaller screen and all the features which were present in original iPad Pro.

Then we have in line is iPad Pro 2 which will definitely out rule and replace the larger screen of iPad Pro.

So, let’s get some insight about iPad 2.


Release date

As it is been almost a year when original iPad pro and Apple might be upgrading it on its birthday. But iPad Pro 9.7 came out earlier this year and it’s been little time gap and new tablet is not in high demand right now. So, it may take some time for iPad Pro 2 to come.

The original iPad Pro is almost a year old and we’d usually expect Apple to update it on its birthday, but considering the iPad Pro 9.7 came out earlier this year and demand for new tablets aren’t high at the moment it may be a little bit longer until we see the iPad Pro 2.

So, far Apple has not given any official date for this launch. But we get some news at the iPad launch which is expected mid of Sept this year.

iPad Pro 2 design and spec


There is not much information regarding iPad Pro 2. But According to Apple insider new photos of the Apple’s tablet with a model number MH1Z2CD/F, which came from the source working on the Chinese supply line.

The photo that came didn’t show any specific changes and it looks just like original iPad Pro tablet.

It is expected that iPad Pro 2 will come with a True Tone display, much like the iPad Pro 9.7.This display allows you to the screen’s color temperature depending on the ambient lighting plus you can see the image clearly no matter where you’re using it.

Further, we can expect iPad Pro 2 to launch with iOS 10 i.e. Apple’s latest mobile OS upgrade, which is expected to come for tablets in September this year.

iPad Pro 2 price

This won’t be easy on our pocket as the original tablet started at US$799 (£679, AU$1249). So, when we compare it will be priced way high. There’s no official information regarding the price.

These are the things we want from iPad Pro 2


As little is known about iPad Pro so we are expecting a lot more in terms of specifications from iPad Pro 2.

  1. Bigger Battery Life

We would expect iPad Pro 2 to have longer battery life. Whereas, original iPad Pro came with a mammoth 10,307 mAh battery and had a powerful processor set up and a huge 12.9-inch screen to power but they got the battery drained so quickly.

Hopefully, Apple will put its focus on power optimization and battery life of iPad Pro 2.

  1. Free Pencil stylus

Apple costs extra for its Pencil so next time we are expecting that it would come as an accessory along with the tablet.

Apple doesn’t offer accessories for free but the stylus is an essential part of the tablet so we would like to see it with our tablet next time.

  1. More storage

These days some tablets come with up 256GB of storage which includes the iPad Pro 9.7. We would like to see iPad Pro 2 with an upgraded 256GB.

The iPad Pro originally came in 32GB and 128GB versions so if Apple decided to stick to 128GB and 256GB versions than nobody going to miss this tablet.

  1. Better front-facing camera

The front facing camera is not impressive as it has 1.2 MP sensor. We want that camera should be upgraded for video calling on iPad Pro 2 as well as for shooting selfies.

  1. Light Weight:

As original iPad Pro is heavy and we would expect Apple to shed a little weight of its second generation. i.e . iPad Pro 2.