As Kindle Fire tablets continue to attract people to quite an extent, Kindle e-readers sales have declined over the years. People are spending huge money on a full-fledged tablet for reading digital books over Kindle as they find it more useful. Kindle sales have witnessed downfall in its e-readers sale after 2011 and that is just after the upcoming of big tablets and larger smartphones.

If you were thinking of buying an e-reader for yourself but you have stepped back then here in this blog you will find several reasons to buy Kindle for yourself and your loved ones. If you are a serious book lover then nothing can quench your thirst for reading like Kindle e-readers and it also comes in the best range and Amazon’s E-ink range starts from just $79.

So what makes Kindle different let’s see:

Good storage

kindle storage

As Kindle e-readers are especially for storing only one type of content i.e. books. So, whether it is basic Kindle or Kindle Oasis they all hold over 1.000 books, it is like holding an entire library of books in a single device.

Kindle device is completely dedicated to storing books so; you don’t have to share your storage with other types of contents.  However, in phones and tablets you get limited storage and your music, photos, videos, documents apps take up the storage space of your device and when you think of adding more books then you are not able to add them due to lack of storage space. With Kindle, you can perform many functions like you can access your Amazon Kindle purchase as they get stored in the cloud and you can also access them on other devices like phones, tablets etc.

E-ink Display still works in Bright Sunlight

Kindle with e-ink display

The E-ink display enables Kindle to get more visible in the sunlight but the LCD, OLED and AMOLED displays on tablet and smartphone in brighter sunlight are harder to see. You can take your Kindle along and read it at the beach, in your backyard and also near the pool or in any bright conditions as it won’t harm your eyes. With E-ink Display kindle e-readers beat all the phones and tablets.

Ideal for reading at the night time

Read at night - kindle supportSmartphones and tablets don’t tend to get dim as the night approaches like Kindle Paperwhite, it emits a very natural light from behind the display so that you can read comfortably at the night time without putting any strains on your eyes and this makes it perfect for people who loves to read at night. If you have Kindle Paperwhite and facing some issues with your device backlighting then you can call Kindle customer service for quick assistance or for more complex issues reach out to Amazon Kindle support.

Amazing Battery Life

kindle battery lifeYou probably charge your smartphone every night and tablet after every two to three days but sometimes your phones just get out of battery and you have to search for power plug to charge your phone but with Kindle readers you don’t get this problem as its battery lasts for weeks, not even hours and if you are facing any battery issue with your Kindle device then you can ask for Kindle help from the Kindle technicians.

If you are looking solely something for your book collection then Kindle is the only device you should go for.