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What Is The Process To Restore Functionality Of Kindle When It Stops Responding Or Restarting Frequently?


The problem of freezing and restarting is quite common in Kindle E-reader and reported by many Kindle users. Their E-reader keeps on rebooting again and again. Moreover, this problem mainly happens when you turn on your Kindle device. If you are having any of the above-mentioned problems, then we are going to provide you kindle help through this blog post. I hope this solution will definitely help you in fixing the frozen or restarting problem.

When kindle Freezes and does not respond

If you start the Kindle and it keeps on freezing and turning off frequently then this guide is going to help you. If you have contacted kindle customer service and didn’t get any response from them, then you will definitely get the solution in this post. Have you tried a new firmware version to solve this problem? And yet receiving the same problem. If yes, then read the next passage carefully.

Kindle Restart

So, we are going to tell you the procedure to upgrade the firmware version of your Amazon Kindle. There are two methods for upgrading, and you can use either of the two methods. First one is by using a Kubrick software. You can download this software from an internet or either use CD for burning into it with the help of PC. Follow the guided instructions displayed on the screen. Another method for upgrading is the use of Freescale Advanced Tool with firmware file that is supported by Kindle. You will have to perform Amazon Kindle login to perform these steps

Sometimes, you will feel gruesome after getting results from both these methods. They may not solve your issue. The reason being, inappropriate drivers installed by FAT software that is not supported by kindle device when connected to the PC via USB. You will have to go to ‘manage my Kindle’ option to find out the root cause of this problem. This problem of USB drivers is observed in all the window OS. Even if you are using the latest version of windows on your computer, then also you may get the same problem.

Now, talking of Kubrick software; the results of this tool are also not satisfactory. Sometimes your kindle will be connected to PC or sometimes not. When you will try to update your kindle firmware through this tool, then it will take much longer time for a full upgrade. You can reduce this time and manage your Kindle in a better way by taking help of an expert.

How to fix this problem properly?

According to my personal experience, I have tried Kubrick software on my 10-year-old model PC, but I didn’t get success. Then after that, I tried free scale advanced tool on my PC and I was able to succeed in my objective. I successfully updated my kindle firmware without any hitch. I was able to fix my kindle frozen problem profitably. At last, I can say that the Freescale Advanced Tool works perfectly on the properly configured computer. You must try to use the window XP or USB 1.0 on your computer.

This method is suitable for Kindle Fire. Along with kindle fire tablets, this method is also preferable for Kindle 4, kindle3 and Kindle 5 models. This solution solved my kindle frozen problem only and I was not able to get rid of restarting problem. I made use ‘Manage my Kindle account’ option to fix the problem.

Now, I am going to discuss a solution for another problem with you. Just open the screws from the back cover of your Kindle with the help of screwdriver or knife and remove the cover firmly. Check all the screws of your circuit board, whether they are properly tight or not. If you find any screw misplaced, then get new screw from the market and place it in the empty hole.  If all the screws are properly tightened and you are yet receiving the same problem, then check the battery of your kindle. Sometimes, the battery paws that touch with the electrical contacts may result in short-circuiting.

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