Have you started enjoying the winter? Definitely, there would be many yes, as the season has already started to impact you and your family in a chilled way. But, as long as the snow will come down to make the weather beautiful for your pre-Christmas celebration, you will start adoring the season in the most prestigious way, especially your children. Well, the way Santa gives your children’s a bunch of lovable gifts, there is also a special e-reader gift which you guys had loved with the passage of time. Even your children’s also feels the same for this cute e-reader book, as according to the trending digital gadgets, it is one of the most interactive gadgets you can find for your children’s in the market. Kindle has already marked its place among you guys in a successive way. With ravishing features and services, it becomes an instant hit in your life. But, as long as you provide the best, you have to deal with certain obstructive behavior on many occasions. So, don’t be impatient with any kind of device problem, as you have Kindle customer service to counter your problems. Apart from this, the kindle fire HD versions for children’s also marked its place in the heart of your children’s. As you guys are aware, that children’s get attached to any new device very easily. This sounds really good, as you are very happy that your child is getting the taste of many stories within a compact device. Then what is the matter of concern with such kind of e-reader friendly gadget? There you need to review your child’s compact kindle to counter those distracting issues. Accidental apps, website browsing, and other issues are quite distractive in nature for your children’s mind. If you counter any technical stuff, you can navigate to kindle com support for further assistance. This is the prime reason, we are here to let you know the 5 possible ways to keep your child’s safer with their kindle.

Master password set up

Master password set up

Before handling, the first thing you can try with your child’s kindle can be the setting up of a master password for your children. To do the setup, just tap the “settings” icon (you can also find the icon by scrolling down at the center and click over there). Now click parental control option to enable it. This will give you the right to control the activities. Now, type your master password and click submit, then repeat the password for confirmation.

Make social sharing, browsing, and communications unaccessible


By making the parental control option enabled, all these options gets blocked by default. That means, no one has the right to enable these options without entering the master password. If you still wish to change the settings, then go manually and change it according to your need.

Passwords for playback and purchase options

Passwords for playback

These two options are quite important to turn on. By enabling the option, no one has the right to access without entering the master password. So, all the purchases and the streaming of playback videos can be in your safe hand. In this process, if you counter any problematic issue with the process, then simply navigate to Amazon kindle support to get expert assistance.

Blocking of content

Blocking of content

This option holds the importance of letting you block/unblock the category of contents in your child’s kindle. Just click on the Block and unblocked types of contents, which you don’t want to make it accessible.

Avert the location services and all online access

Avert the location services

These two options will prevent your child from accessing any online access and location services. Simply, turn on the Password-protect Wi-Fi option to block the online access and Password-protect location-based services to lock the location services. If you counter any problem related to your Wi-Fi and location services, you can take the ask Kindle Help to solve the issue.