KindleAll Kindle devices need the latest updates that add new features to your device and update is also needed to make your device more secure. Further, there are two ways to update your device one is automatically and the second one is manual. The automatic update happens when you connect your Kindle to the Wi-Fi and this updates the device automatically and the other one is manually in this you have to initiate the update. Sometimes you face various difficulties in updating your device like the Kindle option is grayed or some error message starts prompting on your screen and the screen becomes unresponsive then Kindle support comes to your rescue and to handle all this technical mess and this support which is provided by professional gets you out of any problem. Meanwhile, you can try these troubleshooting steps if you are not able to update your Kindle.

What could be the possible solutions?

  • It is possible that you have the latest version already installed on your Kindle then the device will not initiate the updating process.
  • So, check your device latest version and which OS version you are currently on.
  • Another reason for this could be you may have placed the updated file in the wrong location or the file has not been transferred properly. Make sure your file is in the root directory and in the correct folder. If not then simply move it to the correct location.

What if updates begin but fail to complete

  • Once you trigger the update then the process begins but it fails in the middle or in some cases updates doesn’t begin at all and you require kindle help.

Possible solution

This problem can occur if the updated file has not been named properly or duplicate files exist. Now simply check your Kindle and the computer and delete all the updated files. After this repeat the installation process as discussed above and this time be careful in renaming the updated file. However, as per Amazon Device Support, the file should have no trailing spaces or characters, such as (1), after the file name.”

If the Previous software version number doesn’t change after updating


If the update has happened automatically over Wi-Fi then after your device has entered the sleeping mode turn it back on. If the version doesn’t change turn it off and on again. And if you have applied the update using the PC or Mac then you need to again install the update as it might not have been installed properly.

Further, if you are facing any kind of issue then you are free to call on kindle customer service number or you can find the possible solution on kindle website i.e. www kindle com support.