Nook color is a tablet marketed by Barnes & Noble and this was the first device in the line of Nook table which has a full-color screen. If you have recently purchased a Nook tablet then with Nook Help you’ll be able to know lot more about your tablet and if you are an existing customer of Nook then Nook support can resolve any issue related to your device. Sometimes you might have experienced that your Nook Color tends to become unresponsive then there can be several reasons behind this such as if you charge your device partially then it might result in the dimming of the Nook color screen and your device can turn off abruptly. However, performing the soft reset might get you out of the problem of unresponsiveness and if the problem still occurs then you need to restore it back to its original factory settings and you should only use this option at last as it will delete all your data that you have saved on your device.

Below we have highlighted various troubleshooting steps:

Charge Battery

  • Don’t use any other cable other than one that is provided by Barnes & Noble. The manufacturer warns that if you will use another cable then your device and battery both will get hamper.
  • Simply, connect the small end of the microUSB to the corresponding port which is at the bottom of the Nook color.
  • Now plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet and don’t turn your Nook off until it has finished charging. It will take approx. 3-4 hrs for charging.

For soft resetting your Nook color

  • Connect your Nook to the power with the help of the cable.
  • Now press the power button and hold it for about 4-5 sec.
  • Now again press the “Power” button again for about 2 sec and then turn on your Nook device.


  • Now open the Device info screen and then tap “Erase & Deregister Device”.
  • Press the “Reset Nook” button and promptly you will receive a message and once you confirm your device will de-register itself from Barnes & Noble account. The Nook reboots after process gets completed.
  • Now register your device with your Barnes & Noble account and this will restore your data or navigate to www Nook Com Account to know more about registering your account.


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