Kindle devices have enough battery life once you charge them but sometimes you may notice that your device starts consuming lot of your battery. If this type of condition persists then you can opt various options. You can conserve the battery power by keeping your Kindle into sleep mode or turn off your wireless connection when you don’t need it. If a problem is still persisting then can contact kindle technicians for Kindle support or try charging your Kindle fully. Simply connect USB cable to the compatible power adapter and charge your Kindle.

Try these various steps to combat battery issues:

  • Simply press the power button which you can find at the bottom of the device.
  • Ensure that you keep your wireless connection off to conserve battery power. Go to Home and then form the menu button select settings and turn off wireless connection.
  • Make sure your Kindle is fully charged as some computers and old keyboards don’t provide enough battery to your device. Just plug the USB cable I to a power adapter and use an electric outlet for charging your device.
  • Don’t forget to charge your Kindle until the light turn green at the bottom.
  • If you tried charging your Kindle via different USB or power adapter then your kindle won’t stay charged for long or will take a longer time to charge in such case you can take Kindle Help or try using another adapter or USB cable.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting steps will get you out of battery charging issues and in case you find yourself stuck then you can get in touch with Kindle customer service.