ePubNook tablets Barnes & Noble manufactured and marketed devices. It had been one of the competitor in the market. As most of the Nook existing customers will be aware that Barnes & Noble Nook store stopped working from 15th, March and it will not offer sales of third –party apps. Don’t worry! If you have still purchased apps as you will able to download and install them from the cloud. Once you reboot your Nook device or buy a new device and link it to your Nook account through www Nook Com Account then you will still have the access to the previous apps that you’ve purchased. Recently, Nook introduced its new tablet Nook Tablet 7 which will come with Google Play store support.

Sometimes, you find difficulty in loading an ePub eBook file that you have purchased from a different source other than Barnes & Noble onto your Nook e-Reader then you need to sideload it. Well, Sideload it nothing it simply means copying an eBook file from your computer or email account to you e-Reader. There are two methods of sideloading ePub eBook file on your Nook or you can also ask for Nook support which is given by Nook professionals if you come across any technical glitch. If you own a Nook color then ask for Nook color support in case of any difficulty that you might face during its usage.

Steps For Loading ePub Files Onto Your Nook

  • First of all, save the ePub file that you purchased from another source to a folder on your computer or in a folder called “eBooks”.
  • Now connect your Nook to your computer via a USB cable.
  • After this, open “My Computer” on Windows or turn your vision into the desktop on your Mac. You will see Nook as a drive where the hard drives and other USB drives appear. Just double tap on the Nook drive and open it. If you are able to figure out this process then you can take Nook help regarding your Nook device.
  • In another window open the folder where you saved the ePub file that you want to load onto your Nook.
  • Simply, drag and then drop the ePub eBook file from your computer to the root of the Nook or to the “My documents” folder.
  • After this, all the files will get transferred to your Nook device and before unplugging the USB cable, you must ensure to eject the device from the computer. If you remove the USB cable before or abruptly, then this might damage your eBooks or your Nook device. To eject the device you need to right-click on the Nook drive and select the unmount, eject or the undock option whichever is available.

If are not able to undergo the process of loading ePub files by following these steps then you can take the assistance of Nook customer service number on which you can give a call anytime and get solutions for your problems.