As we know Kindle fire is the series of tablets, and being as tablet user you might be facing some technical issues. Well, Kindle is a gadget whether we talk about its e-readers or tablets, both hold few technical error but no need to worry because here we’ve some common problems those users face and their solutions.

Tablet keeps shutting down
  • Many people are struggling with this issue, and here we have some troubleshooting steps which will help you to fix this problem.
  • First be sure that you tablet’s battery is fully charged
  • Hold down the power button for 20 seconds and rest your tablet.
  • You need to step ahead to Settings, then Display and then to Screen Timeout. Now change it to higher or Never.
  • If you feel its overheating, then remove the case and give it time to cool down (before turn it on).
  • If your device’s battery is not charging accurately then try some other charger or cable.
  • If still, you’re unable to see any change, then get in touch with your Kindle expert.
Keyboard Types Incorrectly

Kindle Keyboard Troubleshoot

Some users said that they’re finding difficulty while typing some content, according to them keyboard automatically skip pages or delete some words (going against user’s will)

  • Make sure there your screen protector should be bubbles free
  • Hold power button for 20 seconds to turn off your device and then turn it on, by pressing the same button.
  • Make sure that you Kindle fire is fully charged
  • You can reset your device but you’ll lose your data so be sure you make a backup first.
  • Contact your Kindle experts, if you’re unable to fix this solution.
‘An Internal Error Occurred’ issue

Kindle Fire users are saying that they’re getting the message, ‘An internal error occurred’. While loading different apps. Lack of network connectivity can raise this issue, you have to look your network connection.

  • You need to turn on and off your router once
  • For 20 seconds, hold the power button to turn it off and then turn it on again
  • Now swipe down from the top of the screen and make a tap on ‘More’, then navigate to ‘Applications’, then to ‘Installed Applications’ and find the app that won’t load. Now tap Force Stop and Ok after that tap Clear Data and OK again.
  • Make sure your date and time, both are showing accurate.
  • Go to My Account, then deregistered you Kindle Fire HD. Now register it again, if it worked then well and good but if not then you need to contact your Kindle technicians.
Blue/Purple haze on your screen

Haze on screen - Kindle Troubleshoot

A lot of users reported a purple or blue haze around on their Kindle Fire’ screen edges. When the background is white then users can easily notice this haze. If your issue is major regarding blue/purple haze then manufacturers will be responsible for this. In such case contact your Amazon or use the Mayday service and tell them the problem you’re struggling with, so you should be able to get a replacement.

Overheating issue

Have you ever realized that your Kindle Fire is overheating while playing games, watching movies or surfing the internet? In such case remove your case and check, if you haven’t found any change then the apps you’ve installed may cause this issue. Uninstall the apps and check the difference, if still problem is there then you once reset your device. If none of this worked then get in touch with Amazon and get a replacement tablet.

Here’s the list of rest issues, and by getting in touch with Kindle experts you can easily get some genuine troubleshooting steps.

Speakers and Headphones/earphones sound issue
Not connecting to Wi-Fi
Screen Flicker
Freezes during use
Device won’t charge
Email is not working

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