All expectations of getting the desired edition of the book have become quite easy with Barnes and noble nook tablets, which has already light up its e-reading market as one of the finest services rendered by any company across the world. With astonishing fine features, better services and amazing specs, it has emerged as the prime competitor in the market. There are many other tasks, which can be performed by the device besides storing books in a versatile way. Despite having simple features and services, there are many occasions you have to witness unwanted issues, which can be sort out by Nook Support for any technical assistance or you can also take Nook Help. There is no doubt that, getting technical assistance from the company would definitely work in a fair way. But, there are still many small yet irritating issues, which cannot be rectified in a simpler way. In that category of issues, the e-reader is suffering from the frozen screen disease, which is spreading among many people. Many users out there control the device with the fusion of physical buttons and touchscreen interface on the sides of the e-reader. That’s why we are here to provide you 2 simple methods to counter the problem without any hustle.

To start up the process, you will need: Phillips head- screwdriver


  1. RESET POWER BUTTONThe very first step in this method starts with the power button of the device. So, you just need to press and hold the nook power button for 20 seconds.
  2. In this step 2, you need to free the button after 20 seconds are up.
  3. After the step 2, you need to enroot your nook power button again to turn your nook back on.


BATTERY PULL RESETAfter the process of resetting the power button of your nook tablet, you need to reset the battery pull to encounter the issue as soon as possible. For resetting the battery pull-

  1. Follow the same step of resetting the power button, and simply press and hold the “Power” button of the device on the top of your nook to shut down.
  2. After the baby step, you need to remove the back cover of your nook tablet and uncover the screen, while holding the battery in place.
  3. After locating the screen, you need to open the tack/screw with a Phillips head- screwdriver. After opening, lift the battery and remove it from the battery compartment.
  4. After removing the battery, just simply leave the battery out of the Nook for 30 seconds. Wait for 30 seconds, then put the battery into the battery compartment and change the screw that was holding it in place.
  5. After inserting the battery, you are ready to launch your nook by replacing the back cover and pressing the “power” button to turn on the nook.

With these steps, we think that you don’t have to counter the frozen screen ever on your nook tablet. If you still want any further information regarding the steps, you can navigate to Nook com support, for better assistance or you can call Nook customer service number as well.