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The common issues and their fixes of Nook reading app

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If you are one of the potential users of the Nook reading app, then get to know these most common problems and their fixes to have smooth e-reading experience.

Is it going well with your Nook device? After coming back with the latest version, Nook Tablet 7, Barnes and Noble has put a light on their line of growth in the market. With the different versions and a recent update to the Nook app, the tablet still holds up a fair percentage of the audience in the global market.

With such an intense high market with top competitors, Barnes and Noble has just maintained their chain of devices in the market. Besides all the features and services, one of the thing that is the plus point of the tablet is the extensive Nook library, which holds up different titles and renders the better e-reading experience to all global users.

If you wish to access the titles, the best medium is the Nook reading app. But, accessing the Nook reading app sometimes get an encounter with the most common issues which can fix easily. Head on to these situations with your app along with the solutions.

1) Wi-Fi connection problem- This is one of the most common issues which you face with any device. If you face this issue, then first ensure that the Wi-Fi to which you are connected is turned on, all the settings are correct, and that you have used the correct password. If you are not even able to link with the Wi-Fi of any restaurant and facing up the continuous dropping of the Wi-Fi, then just dial the technical support number for proper assistance and guidance.

2) App Installation issue- if you get the problem with the installation of the app, then make sure that you have got the appropriate OS for accessing the app. Apart from this, there are instances when your phone states that there is low storage on the phone due to the downloading of the videos, music, and many apps. So, before you head for installing the app, just ensure that your phone has 100 MB of the internal storage, as the app can’t installed on an external SD card.

3) Full Nook library issue- One of the fine advantages of reading the e-books is that it is simple to read and put the book in the Nook library and there is no requirement to remove the books from the store to save space for the new ones. Well, if the library gets full, then what can you do?

If you face such a situation, just head to the library screen in the app, and then head on to choose the “Remove from Device” which will easily just put your collection of books in the cloud storage without deleting them to save a decent space on the phone. Now, if you wish to read the books, just head to download them from the cloud storage to your phone without any payment. You can go for the option of putting the books into the archive section which to get your favorites in the cloud storage.

In the case, if you wish to delete any book on a permanent basis, just choose the “Delete from the account.” But, remember that if you wish to read them again, you will require to purchase and download the book again.

4) Backing the deleted lineup of magazines- If you are one of the active magazine users and wish to access the lineup of old magazine issues which you couldn’t search out in the library, then don’t worry as you can still get them in your library. The old issues automatically get a move on to the archive section, once the library fills up. This means that you can easily install and download them to your library.

5) Book opening issue- If you get issue while opening a magazine or a book, then the simple way to fix the issue is restarting the app or the device. If switching off the phone also doesn’t work, you can head to the option of deleting and reinstalling the app again.

If you still face any other barrier or issue, just navigate to the experts and get the proper assistance and guidance.

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