Are you new to the Nook tablet then here is the place where you will get to know more about your Nook device? You will be glad to know that it is not an ordinary device as it functions both as an eBook reader and a tablet. This device apart from reading magazines and books lets you do so much more. If you want to make your Nook content accessible when you are on your way then you have a good option of such as email. Also, you can download games and play those in your leisure time. Nook also has an exceptional battery life and to know more about increasing your Nook battery life you can take Nook Help from professional who will give you precise steps to increase it further.

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Further, Nook tablet is 8.1 inches tall and 5 inches wide and which makes it slightly larger than most of the ereaders. It weighs 14.1 ounces and that makes it quite heavier than other ereaders. However, it is much lighter than a laptop and a Netbook.

Unlike other e-readers, Nook tablet comes with LCD display which offers more crisp images that are good for reading and playing games and watching videos. It offers a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 which is still better than most of the ereaders available in the market. Further, a screen comes with IPS lamination which makes it easier to share the screen with the others.

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As we are aware of Barnes & Noble as a book retailer and they offers latest books and magazines. Moreover, you will get to choose from 2.5 million books and you will never be out of good books to read but you need to create your Nook account to read these and further navigating to www Nook Com Account you will get the precise instruction to create the account. In addition to this, you also get to watch HD videos and download apps and games. With this device, you can play several audio formats such as popular MP4.It also allows you to view GIF, PNG, BMP and JPEG files.

Further, Nook tablet is loaded with Netflix and Hulu Plus with which you can watch your favorite television shows and movies .In addition to this, you can download stuff on your Nook tablet that can keep your kids entertained throughout. Barnes & Noble has added another feature for your children which will make the books more engaging through AliveTouch. For instance, in the book named as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when you press a button the kids can actually stake on the pond when the snow falls around them.

Not only this, Nook also comes with in-built microphone. With this feature, you can record your voice using the Read to Me feature and this allows familiar voice to read books to your kids when you are not around. Nook tablet also offers an ad-free reading.

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It has a battery life of 11.5 hrs. and it takes only three hours to recharge once the battery dies. Nook is equipped with 16GB internal storage and you can further increase it to 32GB with the SD card. Barnes & Noble also offers cloud storage which ensures that you don’t ever run out of space.

Moreover, Nook offers free Nook support for all its Nook devices and you can also call Nook Customer Service number for other issues related to connectivity issues. The Nook tablet also offers free Wi-Fi which allows you to download music, videos etc.

We hope after knowing so much more about Nook tablet you will consider trying one.