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Stepwise Instructions To Fix Keyboard Not Working, Charging And Audio Issue On Kindle7

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Getting irritating issues on your Kindle fire 7 like ‘Not charging’, no audio and misbehaved typing through the on-screen keyboard? If yes, then you are not the only person who is getting this issue. There is more than 30 % of Kindle fire users who are getting this same issue on their device.

Kindle not charging

If the kindle fire is not charging, then, first of all, check the power supply at the socket. If the socket is faulty, you won’t be able to charge the kindle. If the socket is Ok, then check the power adapter of kindle by connecting it to another kindle at home.

Switch off your kindle: Switaching it off and on may fix the charging issue. To switch it off, press the power button given on the top of the Kindle.

Check the power cable: Check the cable thoroughly from each end. If you are charging the kindle with the cable earlier but suddenly stopped charging, then there might be some problem with the cable.

Check if the charger legs are properly inserted into the plug or not. If not, then disconnect and reconnect them firmly with both the hands.

Problem with keyboard

If you are typing something on the keyboard and getting different at the output, then it means your keyboard is misbehaving due to some error. This generally happens if the screen of your kindle is dirty. Clean the keyboard area with a soft cotton cloth and try after this.

Any screen guard? If you have applied any screen protector on kindle screen, then sometimes air may enter through its end and this can create a bubble inside. To remove the bubble, gently press the screen from the center with a soft cloth and move your fingers outwards towards the side of the screen.

Reset Amazon: To reset the fire tablet, press the power button and click on ‘Restart’ option rather than clicking on ‘Power off’ option. This may take some time.

Factory reset: To factory reset your device, press the reset option from the settings menu and this will bring the Kindle to its original state.

No audio in headphones and through kindle speakers

Some Kindle users have reported a problem with the audio in their Fire 7 tablet. They are not being able to listen to the music from speakers and even through Headphones. The below-mentioned steps must be implemented for the same.

Check the volume level from the kindle side buttons. It may be muted accidentally. Raise the level to audible level.

Check the Kindle Audio functions from ‘System settings’.

Raise the volume if muted.

Turn the headphone sound on or off

In this step, you need to disconnect the headphones from the kindle jack and insert them again. This will fix the issue. Disconnecting headphones from kindle during sleep mode may tangle up kindle as if headphones are still connected.

Remove case cover: Sometimes, large case cover may create a problem in connecting the headphones to the headphone jack. If the headphones are not properly inserted due to the area covered by case cover, then remove the case and try connecting the headphones thereafter.

Still facing the same problem? If you are still facing the same issue, then it is recommended to change the headphones or try connecting the same to the mobile, tablet or to the computer. This will test the headphones. If the headphones are faulty, then replace them.

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