nook supportAndroid tablets are fascinating and are very useful and the apps it provides outreach the numerous possibilities. If you want to turn your Barnes & Noble Nook color into a full Android tablet and that too without changing the internal Operating system then you can easily do so as the Android OS gets installed on your micro SD card and after that, it runs on your Nook device through microSD card. Further, you don’t have to install it and it doesn’t take up your internal storage. In addition to this, it also helps you to switch to the standard OS once you remove your microSD card .Steps that we have discussed below will help you run Android OS on your Nook or Nook support is there to guide you further.

Initial computer Setup

  • First of all, copy all of the existing files on your microSD card that you want to keep or else all the information on it will be deleted once the image is written to the microSD card.
  • Now install the “7zip” program on your computer.
  • After this install the “Win32 disk imager” program on your PC and note that this is installed by extracting the files from the zip folder.
  • Now unzip the “Android image” file using the “7 zip” program. Please not to move this to an accessible folder where it is easy to find for example MY documents, desktop etc.

Steps to be Completed on Your Computer

  • Now remove all the external media such as flash drives, iPods,mp3 players, digital cameras etc before proceeding.
  • Simply open the “Win32 disk imager” program.
  • Now using the browse button find the file you moved to the hard drive earlier.
  • Now click the pull-down button to select the name of the drive of your microSD card please note that clicking write button all the information will get deleted.
  • As soon as the process of writing has completed simply eject the microSD card. Always eject the hardware by using Windows safe removal tool so that information doesn’t get corrupted on the drive.
  • Now plug the microSD back into the computer and head towards root folder. For instance, D:\ is the root folder for drive D).
  • Copy the “update” file that you have downloaded from Cyanogenmod’s website.
  • Now paste the “update”file into the root folder of your microSD card.
  • Now eject the microSD card once the file has been copied.

On the Nook color

  • Insert the microSD card into the microSD card slot
  • Switch on your Nook color and if it is already on then again turn it back on. Now you will screen that says ”loading”. After that program will get open which displays a picture of a penguin in the upper left corner and it starts running code. Let it run as this is the updater. Now nook color will turn off automatically after the update gets finished.
  • Turn it back on and leave the microSD card in the microSD slot.
  • The Nook color will now boot into a full Android 2.3 OS which will run your Nook on android OS.

These steps will turn your Nook to an Android tablet and further you can take Nook help for better understanding of the process.