The era of going to a bookstore and finding the best edition for you has now depleted in the light of e-reading era. This era is not different these days, as many e-reader gadgets have marked their presence in the market; which has turned down the e-reading experience at a different level. And in this gadget scenario, Barnes and noble nook tablets started to set up its e-reading market as a fair competitor in the market. With fine specs, astonishing features, and better services, the tablet sets the vision of growing and providing the desired service in a conventional way. Some of the potential competitors like Kindle, Apple, Lenovo, Samsung etc. has set up the level of competition at a par level. Besides this, storing books is one of the common features you will find in nook tablets. No matter whichever edition you add in your favorite list, you can now track any book online and get it right on your doorstep. Delivering quality services, there are many occasions you have to witness unsolved issues, which can be sort out by nook com support for any technical assistance. With minor issues, you can simply dial nook customer service to fix the problems. To unlock the amazing experience of e-reading, there are some necessary steps to need to follow to download your best edition.

Steps To Download E-Books To Nook

Nook eReader

Menu process

The first step you take to order your favorite dish is to take a look at the menu, comprising of different dishes available with the respective price tag. After finding out your favorite you place the order to enjoy your meal. This is the kind of step you need to follow, to select your favorite books from the available online store. Just click the home button to go to the menu. Swipe the home screen, where you will find the shop button. Tap on it to unleash the different options.

Search process

After reaching the shopping menu, search your favorite e-book by typing the title into the search bar. When found the one you were looking for, just select it by clicking the circle button on the right side of the menu.

Purchase process

So, after searching your favorite edition, you can navigate yourself to the purchasing option. Selecting the favorite edition will now lead you to the options menu, where you will find the buy button, just click on it. The menu will pop up with the confirm button, which is a confirmation before you place your order. This confirmation button is important to complete any transaction. So, just click the button and place your final order.

Navigate to your library

Your request of placing the order has been accepted by your nook tablet! As you can now navigate to your library to get your favorite edition. Just click on the home screen and choose the library option. Enroot to the title you just purchased and tap the circle button. After this step, you should get your edition easily, as the downloading starts automatically when you confirmed the purchase. But in case, if your book hasn’t downloaded automatically, then don’t worry, you will be guided to the overview page where you will provide the option to tap download on the touchscreen to start the downloading process. Once the downloading is done, you can navigate to read button to enjoy your favorite edition.

If you are new to the nook and don’t know how to create an account on your nook device, then you can navigate to www nook com account or you can take nook help from the professionals.