The Barnes & Noble Nook tablets are based on Android platform. Plus you can get NOOK Reading Apps for smartphones and tablets. This app gives you access to over 4 million books, magazines, newspaper, comics and more. You can also choose from 1 million free books. Nook app is available on Android as well as iOS platform. The Barnes and Noble Nook for iPad application is specially designed to carry your Nook e-library along with you wherever you go and take your Apple device. This application works with online Nook server to synchronize your library across various platforms. If you want to sync recent books to your Apple device then use Nook for iPad and Nook help will help you in keeping the library up to date.

Follow below steps to sync your device:

Step 1:

First of all, open the Nook app on your iPad Home screen.

Step 2:

Now enter your Nook login credentials.

Step 3:

Wait for your Nook home screen to get loaded and then library page gets displayed.

Step 4:

Now Tap the “Sync” symbol which is located at the upper right of the page. Sync symbol is shaped like two arrows which point in opposite directions.

Step 5:

Now wait as your Nook synchronizes. The “Sync” symbol will turn into a circular icon and this indicates your Nook app is currently synchronizing. The whole process gets completed when the “Sync” symbol stops moving and it returns to its original shape.

Further, Nook customer service team address your queries regarding any Nook device and help you understanding for device further.