Fire Tablet

Fire tablet is Amazon’s base model which features a 7-inch display. If we do the comparison of this base model with other Kindle tablet series, then maybe it’s not that powerful. This device holds the Fire OS 5 “Bellini” operating system with front and rear cameras. The device has one speaker and as we said that this tablet device is less powerful means it has less HD screen, which won’t give you a good experience of watching movie or shows plus in this tablet, you can also browse the web, stream Netflix or play games. Fire tablet is available on Amazon and it will cost you $49.99.

Fire HD 6

Fire HD 6 - Kindle Support

After Fire tablet, we’ve Fire HD 6, in Amazon’s entire line this tablet grasps higher resolution plus most pixel dense device. Fire HD 6 features one inch shorter display than the Fire tablet. The device has Dolby audio built-in and it still has one speaker, but with better sound quality. Fire HD 6 is best for those, who can read their favorite content on small size display without any trouble. You need to pay $20 extra to purchase this tablet, it will cost you $69.99 (available on Amazon).

Fire HD 8

Fire 8 - Kindle Support

The screen resolutions of Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 6 are almost same, its large screen and ideal internals make this device more suitable. You can do online conversation by using Skype or any other video messaging service, and in Fire HD 8 you will get the clear video quality. This device supports wireless AC standard (the fastest form of Wi-Fi). Finally, in this device, you will get the stereo speakers plus you can expand its internal storage by inserting a microSD card. Fire HD 8 costs you 149.99 (available on Amazon).

Fire HD 10

Fire HD 10 - Kindle Support

Amazon’s top tablet, which features the larger screen with good battery life. Fire HD 10 holds the same stereo speakers as Fire HD 8, and it is powered by fast quad-core processor up to 1.5 GHz) screen size is the only difference. So if you’re looking for a full sized suitable tablet, then for Fire HD 10. The device will cost you 179.99 (available on Amazon).