Sometimes you want to search some word or phrase but couldn’t find it because the of unawareness of tools that you can use for searching the world. We will tell you the steps that will guide in searching process.

In most of the Nook tablets e-books searching a word for a word or phrase is quite easy. If you are using a file of the public domain that is just a picture page than the searching is next to impossible. There is a function namely find a function that searches for the words and phrases. Nook Support assistance can also be taken.

Here are the steps that you can follow when you want to find any word or phrase:
  • In Reading tools menu click on the Find button.
  • Tap on the previous query or add the new one.
  • Tap on Done.

You can narrow or widen your searches. You can also select most of the places to look for a file individually. If you want to protect your privacy to some, then you can clear the history of previous searches. You can log on to www Nook Com for more information or details.

Search Within Nook

When you use the quick navigation bar, then search tools looks in your Nook library. If you are connected to Barnes and Noble Online Bookstore via Wi-Fi, then it will look for the titles online shop. Which area to be included or excluded depends upon your choice.

If you want to change the place for searching where your Nook tablet will look, then follow these steps and you can also take this assistance at Nook Customer Service:

  • Go to the screen of Searchable item.
  • Press the navigation button to display the quick navigation bar.
  • Click on Settings button.
  • On the Settings screen click on search in App Settings section. The Search Settings screen will be displayed.
  • Now click on the searchable items. A checkbox will be displayed showing all the areas that you can search along with the library and the shop that will be greyed out as you can’t remove them.

So, these were the steps that you can follow if you want to search any word or phrase and even you can decide the area where you must search. Nook Help will guide you these steps if misses out any of them.