Are you having a young reader at home? Are you worried about improving the reading skills of your child? Keep aside all your worries, here we bring a review of an e-reader Kindle by Amazon that was launched earlier in 2016. This review will help you to know what a kindle is and how it is beneficial for your child.

What is Kindle 2016?

Amazon Kindle Support - 2016

This is especially for kids Amazon has come with a new e-reader with many new features, a kindle. A tablet which is actually an e-reader with preloaded soft wares for enhancing the learning and reading skills of the kids. Amazon has refurbished its entry-level e-reader and the kindle 2016 is better than the previous versions.

The Amazon kindle 2016 is the cheapest among one of the four e-readers that the online shopping giant has put on sale with Oasis costing $550, Paperweight $ 189 and the Voyage $269.

Kindle 2016 Design

Kindle 2016 Design

If we talk about the design of kindle it doesn’t seem much attractive, but, it isn’t a bad thing. There is something about this rugged design that makes it better than other devices. Yes! Its rugged design is its strength as it protects from any damage when it falls or something falls on it.

The Kindle 2016 will also make you feel different as it is subtle, thin, lightweight, and is made out of robust plastic. The overall thickness of this kindle is 9.1mm and its weight is 161g only, which is perfect for long reading sessions. It is lighter than another kindle as compared to Paperweight whose weight is 205g and Voyage scales at 181g.

This new kindle is marginally smaller than Voyage and you can easily put it in your pocket without any issue. Also, it has no physical buttons like Voyage and Oasis. All the navigation here is managed via the touchscreen. It has one button at the bottom for switching on the device and micro USB slot next to it.

This is the first time that the kindle is available in two color options to choose from, i.e., black and white.

Kindle 2016 Display

Kindle 2016 Display

The kindle 2016 comes with a 6inch responsive touch screen with 166ppi density of screen resolution, which has failed to match up the other models. The change that has been done in this kindle is dropping off the backlight. It means if you want to read at night then it is not probably a good option. The screen is antireflective and it is good for reading and it works well in direct sunlight also. The text isn’t much crisp and jagged edges come up with the lowering of text size.

For any kind of support Amazon Kindle Support and kindle help is available with this e-reader also.

For any kind of updates, you can freely use  Amazon Kindle Update.

For downloading any app, you can use  Download Kindle App.

Kindle 2016 Battery Life

Kindle 2016 Battery Life

Judging any kindle on battery life is a little bit tough as all the kindles are good at battery life point of view. The battery life of the kindle is up to 4 weeks if you do the reading for an hour daily. So from this aspect, the kindle stands firm in comparison to its counterparts.

Kindle 2016 Interface

Kindle 2016 Interface

When we talked about additional features the new kindle bangs up to date and comes with many new features. The kindle comes with Amazon’s X-Ray Technology that not only help you to search and explore new words, characters, and ideas but also has highlighting and translation options. Another feature is Page Flip that will allow you to view multiple pages at one time. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are also supported. Another interesting feature is VoiceView Screen Reader that helps blind users to get audio feedback by connecting it with Bluetooth headphones.

Another reason that you will like to select this kindle is Amazon’s huge e-book library.

The Kindle comes with 4GB onboard storage which is better than carrying plenty of books.


This latest and updated kindle is a perfect entry-level e-reader and with its many new features, we must say that finding an e-reader better than this kindle in not possible. This kindle is cheap, durable, and easily affordable. You can’t go wrong with this Amazon Kindle 2016.