wifiAre you one of those, who are quite frustrated with the Amazon kindle Wi-Fi connecting issue? If yes, then your problem is justified and it must be rectified to bring it into its normal working operation. So today in this blog post I will tell you the ways by which you can solve this issue in your amazon tablet without taking any help from kindle fire support service.

However, you have tried some troubleshooting steps earlier also but today what I am going to discuss with you will surely help you in getting out of this problem. This solution will solve the problem permanently, which you thought have permanently bombarded your kindle fire tablet. You don’t need to take any Amazon kindle support from the online sources.

Recently kindle fire tablets are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi networks. Moreover, these tablets lack 3G service within it. So the main source of the internet if get disconnected really annoy the users, who totally rely on it for everything. They can’t stream music, videos and access EBooks through kindle fire tablet in such case. They left with the single option to read the downloaded book from the kindle storage. You can store up to thousands of books in the kindle internal storage. You don’t require Amazon kindle login for reading purpose.

Now I am going to discuss the steps for troubleshooting the problem of acquiring IP address on your kindle fire E-reader.

Kindle Fire Support

Update kindle fire software

Amazon has officially released a new kindle update for its OS. So if you have not updated your system OS, then please expedite to kindle download link and get your kindle fire updated. This might fix your Wi-Fi problem with kindle device. If you face any problem in updating a device automatically, then you can update it manually from manage kindle devices option within your kindle settings.

Restore factory settings

I have observed that many issues in our fire tablet get resolved after doing the factory reset from our kindle fire tablet. This is a simple fix and you can do it easily by own. You don’t require anybody help to do the factory reset of your device.

Reset the Router

If the factory reset doesn’t solve your problem, then you can try another method to solve your problem. Just reset your router and change the static IP address of your router. To reset your router, simply turn off the router and clear all the records related to DHCP from the router.

Purchase a new router

One of the best options to eliminate this problem from the root is to purchase a new router. If the changed settings in your old router don’t solve your problem, then this is the best option for you. Go to market or order online from the internet.

Wait for sometime

If you are a routine user of kindle fire tablet, then you have to give some breathing space to it and let the hardware cool down. This fix might solve your problem. The device may start working efficiently after this process.

Call at amazon kindle service provider

After performing all the above-mentioned steps, if you are still unsatisfied or getting the problem again with your kindle fire tablet, then I advise you to take help from amazon kindle service provider. The expert team sitting over there will definitely help you in a best suitable way. There are third party supporters also available online. You can take support from them even, but one thing you must remember is that the services provided by the third party service providers are paid.