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Read Audiobooks On Older Kindle Devices Now With Audible Feature

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Audiobooks that were available on premium Kindle models are now available on all other Kindle e-readers as well. You can listen to Audiobooks anytime and anywhere. To get this feature on your device, you need to update a Kindle software OS. You can update your kindle OS from Amazon online store.

Kindle is developed for bookworms who love reading books. If you are fond of reading books, then there is no need to carry physical books anymore with you. Just purchase Kindle and start reading books online. You can download these books from Kindle bookstore. If you want its audio version, then you can download it from the separate audiobook list.

No matter which generation kindle model you are using. If you are using Kindle 1st generation device or any other Kindle model, then you can easily use this service on it. To grab this opportunity, you need to download the latest software. Apart from this, you can also enjoy private listening on kindle with the help of Bluetooth feature added in the recent device. In older models, you will find a headphone jack on the top of the device where you can connect your headphones.

This is undoubtedly an exciting news for all kindle E-book users who love to read books online. Amazon in 2016 launched Bluetooth feature in all kindle models with a view to satisfy the desires of customers. Moreover, this was considered as the unique selling point for sale of Kindle devices.

More than 250000 spoken tales

In Amazon bookstore, you will find thousands of digital books in audio format. You can download any of the books from here. Amazon keeps on updating the Kindle bookstore to satisfy the needs of customers. The company is even investing a huge amount of money on performing Research and development on books. If you are living in UK or Australia, then even you can access same books on kindle.

If you have bought kindle oasis model recently with the view to listen to audiobooks online, then this may sound absurd because all the features, which you will get on oasis model are now made available on all kindle models. You just need to perform an update on it. You can search for any title or writer in search icon. The result will then be displayed on the screen. We recommend you not to spend your hard-earned money on higher models if you are getting same functions on basic models as well.

Some users on discussion forum have said that they are enjoying this feature and no other company can easily beat this feature. An amazing thing about it is that you don’t need to purchase any new hardware for availing this feature. This is inbuilt in a new software update. The company has also confirmed that they are adding a Bluetooth functionality to all new Kindle models soon. If you are a kindle fire old model user, then get it exchanged from amazon store.

In case you are having any problem in updating the software, then keep in touch with the Kindle support team. They will help you in a best possible manner.

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