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QQ Reader is expensive than Kindle Paperwhite

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We all are of Kobo but now a new e-reader step into the world of e-readers. The new e-reader is known as QQ reader, and it will cost you more than Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. Check about this device.

As we all are Amazon Kindle e-readers, those are already using this superlative device then you know very well about the performance of Kindle. Amazon grasps four main e-readers under the shelter of Kindle, Amazon Kindle basic model, Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon Kindle Voyage, and Amazon Kindle Oasis. The last one is quite expensive. We all know the name of Kindle’s rival, yes, exactly we’re talking about Kobo. If we talk about Kobo’s plus point, then we would like that Kobo is blessed with the waterproof feature, but now Kindle is blessed with the same feature as well. But hold on, competition isn’t over yet because we can see the new e-reader in the market. The new e-reader is known as QQ e-reader, and you will be amazed to know that this e-reader is quite expensive than Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (new).

Here you need to check the little information about QQ reader. Take a glimpse at the specification of this new e-reader.

How many of your heard the name QQ? We guess none of you because QQ released its first e-reader. This e-reader holds 6-inch flat display, and when it comes to the resolution of this device, then resolution size is 1072 x 1448, and it’s blessed with backlight adjustment. If we talk about the price of this device then simply this device holds the price of 999 yuan which is quite costly than the Amazon Kindle’s Paperwhite. The Paperwhite will cost you 958 yuan; you can see the difference between the prices. The Kindle Paperwhite holds 300 ppi plus you will get the experience of real book reading. The best thing is that you can even read your favorite content under sunlight just because of its anti-glare display. Not only under sunlight, but this device is also the best option for those who are fond of reading their favorite novels at night time. Out of all series, the Kindle Paperwhite is specially designed for night readers.

Now let’s take a glimpse at its weight, the e-reader holds 190 grams of weight plus its thickness is 8.1 mm, and if we make the comparison of this device with Kindle Paperwhite, then we would like to tell that Paperwhite’s weight is 205 grams plus its thickness is 9.1 mm. Now comes to the battery life of QQ e-reader then the capacity of the battery is 1500 mAh this means then you can easily enjoy your content for 15 days without charging whereas Amazon Echo shows no battery life’s capacity but the company has mentioned that device can last for few weeks.

Rest if you’re a Kindle user and facing any technical glitch in your device then you’re to get in touch with professionals. If you want to grab more details and updates, then you can stay tuned to Amazon’s official website.


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