wifiThe era of traditional bookstores with different collection has gone under the shadow with the digitization of e-reading tablets in the market. These e-reading tablets have marked their place with no time in your reading culture. Among all the e-reading tablets, the one who impressed you with its features and promising services is the Barnes and noble Nook tablets. With their extensive assistance from Nook com Support, it’s been a fair journey for all the nook lovers in the market. The sustaining factor in the market depends upon the product quality and competitiveness. Competitors like Lenovo, Apple, Kindle, and Samsung etc. has set up the standard of service and feature at a different level. With such kind of competition, sometimes it is difficult to manage all the services without any possible errors. Specifically, when you are dealing with your Wi-Fi to get connected with all the possible connections around you. A proper Wi-Fi is the basic feature of any gadget, which sometimes drops down on crucial occasions. And for a potential product like nook tablets and its consumers, Wi-Fi problem should not be entertained as the big reason. To sort out this problem, we have come up with some quick solutions which can be applied at the dropping stage of your nook Wi-Fi. Besides this, if you got any other issues related to your nook tablet, you can contact the Nook customer service to get the required solution of your problem.

Some quick solutions that can solve your Wi-Fi problem should be applied to get rid of this problem-

Solution 1

The first solution that you can try to solve the problem is to turn off Wi-Fi and turn it on. This solution can be applied when the Wi-Fi don’t work after turning it on. This solution will refresh your wireless connection to your device. If it works, you will automatically see all the available connections around your Wi-Fi.

Solution 2

The second solution is about turning off your device. To do it, press the power button of your device for 7 seconds and choose power off from the pop-up. This small step will switch off your device, which you can restart by pressing again the power button for 2 seconds. This is the most common step, which you apply on a daily basis. It will ensure the device to get start without connectivity barrier. In case, if you got any problem with this simple process, just navigate to Nook Help to get the proper assistance.

Solution 3

This solution is related to your software version. As you have to update your device software version in place of the latest version. You can ensure the latest software version by:-

  • Go to settings of your device.
  • The setting option will open window of device information.
  • Now, enroot to the about your nook section.

Your software version will be displayed on your screen. To get more information about the latest software update version, you can navigate to www nook com. This solution is quite important in terms of its nature, as if the software version of your nook is not updated, you can’t troubleshoot the Wi-Fi problem. As, sometimes if the software version is not updated, it does not support all the features of your device, one of them could be the Wi-Fi too.

Solution 4

This solution is related to your home network. As there are many of you who use their Wi-Fi through their home Wi-Fi router. And the result of using the Wi-Fi through the home network, sometimes get disturbed through server issues. So, in this case, you should try the same thing of switching your home Wi-Fi router to counter the Wi-Fi problem.