A new family tablet has been launched by the O2, which aimed to make it well-liked device among parents and kids, simply you can see it can be a family member. A £10 subscription (monthly) which includes Pixi 8 tablet, a screen protector, a rubberized protective case and a two-year subscription to kids-app Azoomee.

If we talk about the specification then this device features an 8-inch display with a 5-megapixel camera which grasps good battery life which lasts up to 30 hours and 8 GB is internal memory. You will find several of videos, games, a digital arts studio, and audio-books. All these things will help them out to enhance their knowledge in an entertaining manner. The operator and Azoomee will donate £4 to kids’ charity NSPCC for consumers who use the app. Partnership bond between NSPCC and O2 grasp the good relation and free training scheme has been launched by them which gripped the objective to help parents or guardians, how to protect their kids from the internet.

Get the device at O2 Refresh tariff, contracts begin from £10 up front and £10 thereafter for 500MB data (per month) with more than 20GB (£30 a month). £79.98 amount will let you enjoy the two-year subscription as well