If you love reading e-books, then you must be familiar with Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet. These are the wonderful tablets. So, we have come with its full review to help you in knowing more about your Nook tablet.

Barnes and Noble start their own tablets Nook in 2010 and until 2014 the company has developed its own hardware when they signed up an agreement with Samsung. In 2016 they plan to make a tablet which is low in cost and which could help in making the market for $50. But it was not without troubles. In new product, it was discovered that malware was sending user’s information to a Chinese company and the other problem was with wall charger. Despite all these hurdles, $50Nook tablet got success in making their place in the market of Amazon or kobo. More details are available at Nook Support.

Hardware and Software

Nook Hardware Help Support

Nook tablet comes with a 7inch capacitive touchscreen display along with the resolution of 1024 X 600 and 171 ppi. It comes with 1.3GHz quad-core processor, Media Tek CPU, 8GB of internal storage, 1GB RAM and a SD slot that can expand the storage up to 128GB. For more details or any information, you can take Nook Com Support.

Nook tablet comes with 2 cameras including one with 2MP snappier in front and 5MP rear. It also has a micro USB slot, 3.5mm headphone jack, single mono speaker and dual band wireless internet access. For any query, you can take Nook Help.

Talking about its software, it runs on Android version 6.0 and has Google Play. You can easily download millions of apps and games. It has one interesting feature of digital bookstore experience with B&N readouts. This will give you the pleasure of browsing the bookstore and discovering the Nook’s digital experience and access to a growing library of Nook audiobooks and through Nook Newsstand you will get access to a huge collection of digital newspapers and magazines.

Nook Tablet 7 supports Nook profiles that enable families to customize up to 6 profiles and it turns the tablet into the personal entertainment and reading center. You can take guidance from Nook Customer Service to know more about profiles.

Nook tablet 7 was primarily competing with $50 Amazon’s Fire tablet. The new Nook has same specs as of Fire tablet, except one that it is using 2016 fire HD8 CPU. You can log on to www Nook com for any information or query.

Wrap up

Barnes & Noble Nook SupportB&N has received millions of negative presses from media as people in Nook has no or very little e-reading or e-book experience. Over the years, the company has done a lot many changes but these haven’t proved the game changer for the company. Nook Readout is one of them changes or additions. This feature hypes up the upcoming titles and gives you free interviews and short stories with your favorite authors. Nook Audiobooks is another feature, but it doesn’t stand much in front of Google Play Store. Another downside of Nook tablet is that it Is only available in the US.