People who still haven’t been able to decide as to which eReader they are going to buy should read this blog post. There are mainly two brands that are fighting in the eReader department, these are; Kindle and Nook. There is an interesting thing about Nook that I would like to share that, Nook tablet is only going to allow 1GB space from the internal storage for non-B&N content. The total internal storage in Nook tablet is around 16GB. People can create their account by going to www Nook com account and get the account made.

For many people, this move came out to be a big surprise. People were not able to understand the motive behind doing this. When comparing Nook tablet with the most popular model of Kindle, i.e., Kindle Fire, then Nook is a clear-cut winner in terms of storage. But, with this move, i.e., not allowing people to have more than 1 GB of non-B&N content is of no use. People must get a chance to add whatever they want, right. Barnes & Noble must reconsider this move and if possible, change it to improve the sales. No doubt, Nook color support is great and is also helping the company build a strong reputation.

The reason behind limiting non-B&N content is to motivate people to buy or download content from the Barnes & Noble library. Well, there is nothing bad in such a thinking, but the final option must be left up to the customers. Let the customers decide where they want to buy or download content from. If the content at Barnes & Noble library is great, then people would get it from there. The move of limiting the storage space for 3rd party content is definitely going to come in the minds of the people when they decide on buying an eReader. So, the company must pay attention to this particular aspect, and if possible, remove it. This thing wouldn’t be an issue if Barnes & Noble were Apple, but the thing is they are not.

Non-B&N Content

If Apple would launch their own book platform like iBooks that is without iTunes and an inferior version of Apple App store, then it could have been possible, but I don’t think if this would happen. There is definitely something the company is not being able to see, otherwise, they wouldn’t have done such a silly thing. The only good thing about the company is Nook help and support because it is effective, reliable and affordable. Moreover, the presence of a card slot in the device compensates for that stupidity of allowing 1GB for non-B&N content. And, if the Nook tablet is rooted, then it is going to wipe away the previous settings that allow 1GB of 3rd party content. So, people will have to perform these ways in order to get rid of that stupidity the company has done.

If you own a Nook tablet and want to make all the space available for content coming from any source, then you can take the help of Nook com support. I would also like to mention that there are many support providers available for Nook, so you can get in touch with one of those and resolve this issue once and for all.

You can also go to www Nook com for the assistance regarding any issue befalling Nook tablet. You can either chat with the tech support providers, or if you want, you can call them as well. But, for that you need to have Nook Customer Service number, which you can get from the Nook website only.