As we all are aware of these two devices, Amazon’s Kindle 2 and the Barnes and Noble Nook, both are the two vital heavy-weights in the competition of the eBook readers this year. If we talk about similarities then both devices hold the various similarities plus critical differences. Now, which one is best for you? Run your vision to below-given points:

E-Ink Display Screens

The Kindle 1 and the Nook, both devices use the same ‘E-Ink’ technology for their display screen. Well, if you’re reading your favorite content on these devices is entirely different from reading the content on the computer screen. The E-Ink screen displays the words so realistic and users can easily enjoy their content with comfort. If you’re using Nook and want to take any Nook Help, then you can get in touch with professionals.

The Nook, however, has an extra color navigation screen underneath the display screen. This touch screen permits you to scroll via titles of books, magazines, and other publications. There is a touch keyboard display on this screen as well. Well, we haven’t any review regarding screen performance. For more info, you can visit www Nook com.

Wireless and 3G

Both devices are blessed with wireless capabilities. You can easily download books and other publications if you have access to a wireless network. 3G cellular capabilities will permit you to download in that station if there’s no availability of wireless internet.

International Availability

Here’s a vital difference between the two eBooks readers- International capabilities. If we talk about Kindle 2, then it boasts the ability to download books and full usage in more than 100 countries, whereas the Nook is only fully useful in the United States. Well, in Nook you can read the books out of the nation but you can’t add more books. For more details in depth, you can ring up the Nook Customer Service number.

The Nook’s Lending Capability

The Nook grips the ability which let you lend out your books to others those who have Barnes and Noble software. One should know that duration of lending is only of two weeks and the user who lends the book can’t use it during that time. A good aspect? Customers will tell over time.

Storage Space

Both devices have base memory (2GB), which is good for about 15,00 books, however, the Nook permits for additional space to be added to expand the titles to upwards of 17,500. Are 2 Gigs enough? Well, run your vision to one book a day and you will have four years of reading material.

Other Differences

When we talk about Kindle then it boasts a slightly lighter device, text-to-speech technology capability of web browsing, whereas the Nook doesn’t. If you are a Nook users then you can navigate to Nook Com Support for precise assistance from experts.