World’s renowned tablet manufacturing company, Barnes and Noble has made a final plan to shutter all its Nook store from UK market. After hearing this news, some customers have even started transferring their EBooks to Sainsbury while some are saying that the company is not going to shut down its store but it’s just a rumor because they believe that if company is really going to do this, then it will surely intimate all its users through email or via Nook com support link.

We want to mention here that Nook support thousands of books on its Nook library and is known for high-quality titles on it. Everyone on the website is still trying to know the exact picture of this news and they are continuously reading the frequently asked questions available on the Sainsbury’s website. They are trying to get the solutions to their problem through incomplete and frustrating FAQ’s available on the site. One important question that everybody is thinking about is whether they will get credit for each title that is not transferred from Nook store or will they able to read all the contents on the Nook device or not. They have even contacted Nook customer service in this regard.

After spending more than an hour in finding the worthy answer from the list of comments received on our blog comment section, we have come out with one answer that is worth sharing here.

Sainsbury didn’t mention any about managing your Nook tablet after the changeover. Moreover, it has not mentioned anything about the purchased EBooks from Nook that whether you will able to buy it or you require B&N servers for purchase. The official website of Sainsbury has provided the brief steps to open the EBooks on UK based Nook device. However, these steps are functional only on old model but not on new Nook model i.e. Glowlight plus.

Another point of disappointing is that it failed to discuss important details in FAQ section. On contrary to this, Barnes and Noble FAQ section have informed that you will no longer be able to log onto www nook com account link from January onwards if you are staying in the UK and your nook tablet will go useless after this month.

Rephrasing it in other words, we want to mention here that if you have reset your Nook device after January, then you won’t be able to login to the same account again and if someone has presented a UK based device to you after January, then the current login credentials will not work on it even if you take Nook help from the website. We know that Barnes and Noble’s tablets require registration before using it, so this is a major drawback of this company product.

No doubt, you will able to register yourself on link and sync with your device but when it require your personal information and VPN information to be entered, then you will get trapped on the website and all your efforts will go in vain. Barnes and Noble are about to make a lot of hardware valueless.

Although it sounds alarmist, but this is true for all UK device owners that they will not able to register their device on B&N link after January. This is quite annoying for local users and may create a lot of problems. There is no other option except helping each other finding the right solution for this problem. So, if you are having tricks and tips, then we would love to hear it from you.