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New Kindle App For iOS Is What You Need!

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Amazon Kindle app for iOS is picking up speed after the arrival of the new update, i.e., Version 6.6. Presently, there are new features joined into the app, which users will find fascinating. In the event that you need to know as to what those features seem to be, then read the blog entry that is given below and check it out yourself.

Amazon Kindle app isn’t on par with Kindle tablets, yet it can fulfill eager book readers to some degree. The app has gained a lot of accomplishment in all these years, which is the reason the company has chosen to update the Kindle app for iOS. If you are utilizing this app, then you will now be able to update it to version 6.6.

This version incorporates various stunning and valuable features, which a number of eBook readers would find intriguing. This app works seamlessly on iPhones and iPads, so individuals don’t need to purchase an eBook reader to read their most loved books when the same will be possible by making use of this app.

In the wake of getting this updated variant of the app, you will see a bunch of new features, for example, a mobile-friendly app that is primarily intended for magazines. This new alternative has arrived soon after the gossipy titbits originating from the house of Apple that the company will make a big appearance a membership-based news benefit, which will contain magazines.

The company has additionally highlighted new foundation for which it has purchased Texture. This service named ‘Surface’ offers a boundless access to more than 200 advanced magazines, which clients can appreciate by paying $9.99 a month.

Amazon in its announcement has uncovered that the new magazine-reading design will be accessible for famous titles, for example, Life and Style, Cosmopolitan, Food Network, US Weekly and a lot more. There are more than 15 titles to choose from.

With the updating of the app, features like Kindle Unlimited books and Prime Reading will likewise advance back to the stage. You can restore any book by long squeezing the front of that book from the bookshelf interface. With this, you will see an alternative named ‘Return Book’, which you can choose to restore that specific book.

Arouse Unlimited is a paid service that you will have buy in to by paying $9.99 every month. In this service, you can get a boundless access to in excess of million books, magazines, and audiobooks. Then again, Prime Reading is a service that gives a little section of free content to the individuals who have taken Amazon Prime subscription.

Other than these new alternatives for magazine format and Kindle Unlimited, this updated form additionally comprises of a setting that enables you to turn on the highlighted menu keeping in mind the end goal to show the content that you have highlighted.

You will be interested in knowing as to where you can download this app from. Well, you can download this app from Apple App store free. You will be astounded to see the features that have been joined into this app for the convenience of customers.

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