Microsoft, an American multinational company is all geared up to release its Surface Pro 5 but unfortunately, the tablet will appear in 2017. Well, it is worth waiting for as the tablet is said to possess Intel’s next –gen Kaby Lake chipset.

Earlier, Surface Pro was supposed to be released this June but Tech Time reported that Intel confirmed that it would be releasing it with the next-gen Kaby Lake processor by the end of 2016.As it did not debut in June that means it will be released next year.

According to The Country Caller, the previous surface devices were not that best. However, both Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 grabbed attention by its amazing design. The question here comes will Surface Pro5 will be able to catch the eye of the people.

Microsoft Surface Pro_5 - tablethelpline

Surface Book and Surface Pro are built with Magnesium it is anticipated that next generation models such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be built with Magnesium too. The quality was decent but Microsoft needs to improve hinges on the devices in their next generation models.

According to some rumors, Microsoft Surface Pro is expected to have the same display as its predecessor. However, upcoming device will come with improved resolution. It is expected that Surface Pro5 will feature 4K displays that will display best HD videos.

The upcoming Surface Pro 5 will be offering latest Intel Kaby Lake Processor and this will definitely improve the processing power as compared to its previous versions. This will also ensure that Surface Pro 5 battery life will be long.

Further, Microsoft Surface Pro is all set to be released this fall .Moreover, Microsoft has bigger plans for hybrid tablet so we might expect it to launch in early 2017. They will run on the coming Windows 10 Redstone 2 operating system.