We are not here to discuss the negative stats about the tablets’ future, but we are here to show some interesting figures that are coming straight from the Strategy Analytics. These stats show the current market shares of the tablet market and which company stands where. These stats also that in the Q1 of 2016, more than 1.3 million tablets have been sold.

These tablets are worth $750 million, but here is one interesting fact that Microsoft has sold 1.1 models at a whopping cost of $950 million due to the higher price of their tablets. Whereas, the Android tablets captured the majority of the market share at 64%, but could only manage 41% of the revenue. This is due to the low prices of the Android tablets.

Apple has doubled its revenues and now stands at 39% of the global revenues. So, it is clear Microsoft is the winner despite their shaky start and a stubborn approach. The unique approach of launching 2-in-1 models have saved the company and help them survive and thus, get onto the path of immense success. It doesn’t matter if the market is suffering from a saturation period, there is definitely a turnaround coming in 2018.