As we know Kindle is a convenient e-reader which provides comfort of reading while laying back at your home and you can take it along wherever you travel and you won’t feel bored for a second because this e-reader will entertain you through your journey. If you are trekking and feeling tired and need some break just take out the Kindle from your bag and start reading.

To encash more charm Kindle recently upgraded their entry-level Kindle for the first time since it was launched in 2014. The new device comes with some additional features like new device has 512 MB of Ram and 4 GB storage whereas, the old one comes with 128 GB of Ram and 2 GB of internal storage capacity.

This 8th generation Kindle has a resolution of 800×600 which is same like the older version. But the whole difference lies in the Bluetooth which offers full support for Kindle Audio Adapter which will be very fruitful for the visually-impaired people. This will read audio book aloud to them and if you require ask for Kindle help. New model is available in two colors i.e. white and black.

Further, Kindle 8 is thinner by 1.1 mm than Kindle 7 and makes overall 11%.It height is reduced by 9 mm and weight be 4 mm.

It has a considerable weight (161 g vs 191 g) and with being lighter it is easier to read books single handed.

Below are the major differences between Kindle 7 and Kindle 8.

Feature Kindle 8 Kindle 7
Body color White , black Black
RAM 512 MB 256 MB
Bluetooth Yes No
Dimension 6.3 ×4.5× 0.36”

160× 115×9.1 mm

6.7 ×4.7 ×0.40”

169×119×10.2 mm

Weight 5.7 oz/161 g 6.5 oz
Price at launch With adds:$79.99 and without adds $99.99 With adds:$79.99 and without adds $99.99

If you are new to the family of Kindle then this new entry-level Kindle is the great device to start your journey with Kindle. If you already have a kindle and want some resolution for your query Kindle com support is there.