Having the access to the dynamic collection of books has been the prime thing to witness in the Nook tablets. If you are willing to upgrade your Nook, then you can apply the factory settings to counter the expected issues. New users can go to www Nook com Account to create their account.

Is it going well with your Nook device? With the fascinating features and dazzling services, Nook has been one of the ultimate choices for all the potential users across the global boundaries. Its amazing Nook library under the different categories has always been the key reason to provide the satisfactory e-reading experience to all the potential users. And with its diverse range of devices, it has already managed to grab the eyeballs of many e-readers across worldwide.  Being a potential e-reader, you can simply go to Nook Color Support to get the amusing treasure of content.

Nook Color Factory ResetAmongst all the versions of the Nook tablet, Nook color has always been the prime choice of many e-readers in the market. Being the first Nook color tablet, Nook color has performed quite well for Barnes and Noble. If you are one of the fine users of Nook color, then there are some occasions when you encounter the software issue with your Nook color and to resolve it you just go for the factory reset option to bring the tablet in a proper working condition. While going for the upgrade of the device, you just need to ensure that you have removed all your personal data from your Nook tablet. If you ignore the removing of the data, then there are chances that your data may get accessed by your friend. Taking the problem on a serious note, we are here with the fine way to erase the data for the upgrading the device to factory settings. In case, if you get any other query with your version of Nook, then you can move to Nook help to get the proper assistance.

Let’s crack the way to reboot the color version of the device. 

  • The first thing which you need to is to tap the Nook button to see the Quick Nav Bar on your screen, and now click on the “Settings”.
  • The second thing which you need to follow is to click the “Device Info” to see the basic information of your Nook color. In the basic information, you will get to know all the details of your device. In case, if you get any kind of barrier while checking the basic information of your device, then you can simply reach out to Nook Customer Service number to get the proper guidance.
  • Now, you need to touch the “Erase and Deregister Device” option to unlock the page that will authorize you to perform the resetting of the device to the factory settings. Now, just click the “Erase and Deregister Device” button. After tapping the option, you will get a confirmation message.
  • Now just tap the “Reset Nook” button to affirm the resetting of the device. Now, all the data will be cleared from your Nook. If you get any tech bug during the process, just navigate to Nook Com Support to get the expert assistance and solutions.