Are you using a Nook hardware or reading app? If yes, then you may run into some issues at any time but there is no need to fear. Today in this blog post, we are going to explain the 5 most common problems reported in the Nook reading apps. After reading this blog post, you will not find any need to take Nook support from any other sources.

Can’t connect to Wi-Fi

This problem mainly occurs, when there is some issue with your phone software of your phone is out of coverage of Wi-Fi network. Another possible reason for this problem can be a wrong password entered in the Wi-Fi password field to access it. So check all the settings of your Wi-Fi properly and note down the password on a page for future use. If you are accessing a free Wi-Fi at the hotel, then ask the Wi-Fi password from hotel staff. If you are still facing the same problem, then it would be better to call at Nook com support number or if you purchased a hardware from the shop, then get it fixed from there only.

Nook reading app is not installing

If you have a problem installing Nook reading app on your device, then check
the OS of the device. Check the storage space of your device as well because installing so many apps on phone may finish the storage space. The storage space required to install Nook reading app on your phone.

Nook library is full

If the Nook library is full, then delete some titles from the library by using the following method. Open library in an app and click on ‘remove from device’ option. This will just delete the items from your phone but the books will remain stored on cloud storage. If you want to read books again, then re-download it from the cloud storage and save it in your phone. There is no need to purchase the book again, simply download it from the cloud and open www Nook com account Yes, if you want to permanently delete the books from your library, then delete the title from the Nook account.

Back copies of magazines are deleted

If you opt to receive regular updates of your favorite magazines from the internet and your old magazines kept on deleting, then there is nothing to worry because these magazines are not actually deleted but moved to archived section due to a shortage of memory. In other words, we can say that the old files keep on storing on a cloud storage and when you want to retrieve them, you can easily do by re-downloading it again on your phone. For more Nook help and support in this regard, you can call at Nook customer service.

Books won’t open

This is the most common problem faced by many app users. The main reason of this problem is crashed app. The simple approach to troubleshooting this problem is; restart your reading app or device. This will fix the problem. If the problem still exists, then close the app and re-open it as we do with almost every electronic gadget when it does not work. Switching off the phone and turn it on again may solve your ‘Book won’t open’ issue. It is important to mention here that these fixes won’t delete any title from your account. If possible, update your reading app because there are certain bugs and issues in particular software version, which prevent the app from opening smoothly. If you are still facing any problem, then don’t forget to call at Nook support number available on the official support website.