Amazon Rapids

It’s not easy to make someone adore you the most, as you have to make your place in the heart of your loved ones in a loving manner. With better technological innovations, the tech market has made its virtue in the people’s life. Right from better innovations, the tech gadgets has provided you the desired comfort to make complex things easy in nature. With this is the kind of motive Amazon has become one of the key player in the market among some giant tech names like Google, Apple and Samsung. Innovation at every step has made this company to bring up something special inside kindle box. That new guest is Amazon “RAPIDS” app, which is the new language for all kids to be mesmerized by a chatting style. The chatty app will help your children to get focused and interactive while reading any story. The purpose is to create the reading friendly environment to let all the children’s read the stories with more interest and fun. Apart from children’s, the app is also trying to communicate with the community of younger ones with its subscription-based app. However, the community of potential e-readers has already witnessed the different versions of the device which includes Kindle fire, Amazon kindle, Kindle paperwhite and Kindle oasis. With such kind of diversification, the app has also provided better assistance with Kindle customer service, which is the most important factor for any company in the market. In this way, the life has become smarter to tackle every kind of challenging situations. And this smart and smooth journey is the result of Amazon kindle support, which has supported you with expert assistance.


Rapids App - Amazon

Amazon’s Rapids is actually one kind of a storyteller for all the kids who falls in 7 to 12 year age group. The interesting thing about the app is the feature of telling all the stories inside the app in the form of texts with the help of different characters. The dialogues will make the kids to interact and connect with the story by just tapping on the next chat bubble in the succession of the story. The story line up can be like “Two birds arguing about who will make her house at that specific branch of tree”. The birds here are acting as the characters, which would definitely draw your kids’ attention in an interactive way. The monthly subscription of the app is $2.99. The app will definitely make its mark on the mindset of many kids sitting out there.

Rapids - Amazon Kindle App Support

The app is already listed in the extension list of products and services of the giant retailer site. With hundreds of stories, the app allows kids to choose any story in different categories which includes humor, adventure, sports, mystery, science fiction stories and fantasy on the platform. The app also helps you to reach out to your child with no time by getting a hard word message send by your child. If you in trouble to coordinate with the app, then simply navigate to www kindle com support or you can take kindle Help, to get detail instructions. Reading out any story is done with the “text to speech” feature of phones and tablets, which is used by the “Read-time mode” of the app. The app is available for Amazon Fire devices, Android and iOS. Many child authors get featured with their story on amazon site, which is actually a plus point for them to interact with kids through “Rapids App”.