As we know Amazon Kindle’s e-readers usually come under the expensive category, yes users can also purchase some affordable e readers as well of the Kindle. But let’s talk about slick Kindle Oasis e-book reader, your hands can endure the weight of this device easily but it can be hefty for your pocket or wallet, you know what I mean. Readers vision catch the name of ‘-e-reader’ when it comes to reading, because e-readers are smaller, lighter, easier on the eye and offer a long battery life. By creating an Amazon Kindle Account, you’ll get the more details about Oasis e-reader.

Well if we talk Kindle Oasis then it will cost you $499 (7-inch tablet). Whereas Amazon’s previous flagship was the $299 Kindle Voyage, while rival Kobo offer the Glo HD for $189.

If this Kindle making your wallet heavy means there will be something special or extra in it, let’s discuss about what makes the Oasis worth the extra cash. Thickness of this slim reader is only 3.4 with weight of 131 grams. You can comfortably hold this device. Well these are the basic specification of this device, rest if you already a user of Amazon’s Kindle e-readers, then you can get proper assistance at Amazon Kindle Support. You can also get the appropriate solution for Kindle’s technical trouble.

Its detachable leather cover makes the reader little thicker. The 15 centimeters screen size is the same as its predecessors. Square shaped design with a thinner bezel is enhancing the beauty of its look. The Oasis screen is considerably brighter, but if we do the comparison of both, Kindle Oasis and Kindle Voyage then 300 ppi of Oasis is not that sharper. You can easily turn the page by tapping on screen and you have an option of physical turn buttons on right of the screen which are more authentic than the Voyage’s touch sensitive versions. Image rotates automatically and you can easily play with the settings, for any support you can take Kindle Help. This is appreciable that Oasis holds many improvements but still hard to justify why this light weight reader making the people’s wallets hefty.