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Kindle Fire HD users should check these troubleshooting steps


Being a user of Kindle Fire HD if you struggle with these general issues then you need to follow these facile. troubleshooting steps or you can also get in touch with professionals

As we all are aware of Kindle Fire HD, those who are using this amazing device they know the functionality and aspects of this device. Many Kindle users are struggling various technical issues, look at these general issues, if you’re facing any of them then here we have some facile troubleshooting steps for you. Check out these steps

  1. Kindle Freezing on Logo

Many Kindle Fire HD users find that they are unable to start their Kindle device in a proper manner. According to them the screen freezes at the logo and if they restart the phone then same things happen, logo appear and device got stuck in between.  If you’re one of them those who’re struggling with this technical glitch then here we have some troubleshooting steps for you.

Potential solutions:

  • First, you need to charge your Kindle Fire device properly, charge your device approx. for 15 minutes. Without removing the charger, you need to make a long touch on your device for around 40 seconds.
  • Now connect your device to your system and check your system can recognize your device or not.
  • If you see no change in your issue then you need to visit www Kindle Com Support.
  • Now try to get inside the recovery menu. Power off your tablet, now power it off and make a long touch on the Power and Volume up buttons (You can check both up and down volume button). You can step ahead to the option of factory reset but remember performing this step will efface everything from your device.
  1. App Crashing Issue

This issue is the general one, if you’re one of them those who are facing this specific app issue then you need to try these steps or you can take Kindle Help by getting in touch with professionals. Take a glimpse at these facile steps.

Potential solutions:

  • Navigate to Apps & Games, then go to the Manage All Applications option and there you need to check the issue. Afterward, you need hit on Force Stop and Clear Cache.
  • If you see no positive change then you need to uninstall the app, to uninstalling the app you need to step ahead to Settings, Apps & Games, Manage All Applications, (the app which you’re going to uninstall), Uninstall. As you’re aware of procedure of restart, simply follow the procedure and start your device again, after completion of this process you need to install your app again.
  • For more information and guidance, you can also get in touch with experts.
  1. Error message “Optimizing system storage and applications”

Many users are facing this message on their device- ‘Optimizing system storage and applications’ this message freezes their device. If you’re struggling with the same technical mess then you need to follow these precise steps.

Potential solutions:

  • Plug it into the wall using your original cable and charger, and give it half an hour or so to complete.
  • If you see no satisfactory result then you need to restart your device and as you know the procedure of restart.
  • Maybe there’s some connection between your issue and MicroSD card. Simply you need to take out your card carefully and now connect your device to your system transfer your files and efface to. Now copy of transfer them back to the device. Rest for any Amazon Kindle Update or technical help, you can contact professionals.


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