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Is It Worth Buying Kindle Oasis?

Kindle Oasis

Faster page turn, bigger screen, and waterproofing feature are all surpassed by slow loading time, shorter battery life and improper design for the one-handed reading of Kindle oasis 2. But overall if we compare with the previous model, then there has been a lot of improvement reported in this new model.

If you are tired of reading the text and watching videos on LCD display over hours, then Amazon has bought something new for you which will not only be easy for your eyes but also give respite from social media notifications.

Design and hardware: The kindle oasis 2 has 7-inches display which is an inch larger than the older model. You will feel as if you are reading something on the large screen. If we talk of its resolution or pixels, then it is coming with 300 PPI count. On the other side of the coin, the kindle oasis 2 has a wider body which makes it difficult to carry in the pocket. The device has contour back which is 2/3rd of the device makes it easier to grip in one hand against the palm. It has IPX8 waterproofing which lets you use the device even when submerged up to 2 meters in water.

Software and other features

Owners of Kindle E-reader are already aware of features introduced in new Kindle oasis 2. In this kindle model, Amazon has added Kindle support for Audiobooks through Bluetooth headphones and added two buttons to swap or turn the next page.

The most amazing thing you will like in this Kindle is it’s designed. You can hold this device gently in either of your hands. If you want to swap the oasis from left to right or vice versa, then it will cause the screen. It may include physical button configuration or screen invert automatically.

You will definitely get disappointed after knowing that this device doesn’t support listen and read function at the same time which means you can’t read and listen to the same title simultaneously. Moreover, there is no text to speech feature available in this Kindle model which lets you listen to text only E-books. There are no inbuilt speakers in kindle oasis 2, so you have to arrange external Bluetooth speakers to connect to this device.

In our opinion, you can easily pair Bluetooth speakers with the Bluetooth of your device and you can easily toggle between audio and textbook without any problem. If you want to download the Audiobook, you need a minimum of 100 MB of free storage in your device. For your information, we want to mention here that normal kindle oasis 2 model is coming with 8 GB internal storage. So, you can storage number of titles in one go.

Performance and battery

If compared overall, then new Kindle oasis 2 is smarter than earlier models. The page turning speed is faster and you will feel delighted in flipping the page backward to check the name or title of the book. The physical buttons given on the Kindle model made it easier to switch between the pages.

Yes, if we consider its battery life, then it may disappoint you. The battery backup of this model is lesser than that of the previous model. If you read the book over hours, then the battery will drain off quickly whereas if you read for 2-3 hours a day on the previous kindle, then your kindle battery lasts for a week.

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