Do you want to use the latest kindle feature on your kindle device? If yes, then the best way to grab it is through manual kindle update. Read this blog post to understand the steps to install and Download kindle updates manually on your device.

Generally, kindle updates its OS automatically over the air, once the updates have rolled out. But if your kindle has stopped downloading the updates automatically, then there is nothing to worry. You can grab the same updates manually and enjoy the latest features on your device.

Now we are going to discuss the steps to download and install an Amazon Kindle update manually.

Identify your kindle model

Identify Kindle Model

Though we are going to discuss the process for updating kindle paperwhite model in this blog post but the guide and process also work on other models as well. The very first and the foremost step is to identify the kindle model so that you can check the current version of OS installed on your device. Simply enter the alphanumeric characters available on the Kindle model that indicates the generation of your device.

If your device is hooked up to the Amazon account, then just log onto your account and click on ‘Your device’ section. Click on Kindle download update link and read the important notation.

Download Kindle Update

After getting the current version of Kindle, Go to Amazon kindle fire update link in case of fire tablets and match the serial number of your device with the one that is displayed on the screen and click on download.

Download Kindle Update

It must be noted that you need to Download Kindle app on your computer before downloading an update.

Before starting with the download, you must ensure that the new update version is higher than that of your existing version of Kindle. For this, go to home menu>settings> device info. The current version will get displayed on the screen. Now you can easily compare what’s new in the updated version and what are you missing out in your current version. After reading all the agreements, you can now move forward to download Kindle Paperwhite update. The new file will save as .bin file in the download folder.

Copy the update to kindle and install it

Copy Update To Kindle

Once the download gets completed, connect your Kindle to the computer through USB cable and transfer .BIN file to the root directory of Paperwhite. The path and the file must be copied to the same folder in the Kindle drive.

After finishing with the transferring process, right-click on the Kindle drive to unmount the device from the computer. You can now unplug it from the USB cable without any problem.

Now simply read the guided instructions displayed on the screen after entering into the kindle update menu from the Home settings. Navigate to ‘settings’ followed by ‘menu’ button, then select ‘update your Kindle’ option. If this option is not available or we can say grayed out, then it means that .BIN file is not properly copied in your device or the file may be corrupted. In such case, check the file properly and try to repeat the whole process again.

If you have successfully updated your Kindle, then reboot your kindle once. It may take several minutes to reboot. There is no need to get anxious about it as this is normal. Now check the current version of your Kindle again by getting into the ‘settings’>home menu> Device info> system update. If you want to read more information about the latest release notes, then you need to click on ‘More info’ from the bottom of the screen.