It is pretty much evident that eBooks have overpowered normal books and there is no need to mention why. But, since you don’t know the edge that people get by having eBooks instead of normal books is simple, eBooks can be easily carried within an eBook reader, whereas, in order to carry books, you will have to find a decent bag with an ample amount of space to carry the desired number of books.

Many experts have heralded eBooks as the next big thing. The inception of eBooks was a long time ago when people used to read it on Sony reader. But, then came Amazon Kindle eReader, which has swayed the balance to its corner. Even Amazon wasn’t expecting such a staggering response for its Kindle devices, but what’s being destined is certainly going to happen. The scenario today is that people don’t say eBook reader when they have to read an eBook, but they say ‘Kindle’. Now, you can use Kindle for PC. Well, you must be thinking that I’m messing up with you, but trust me, I’m not. Kindle is indeed available for PC, which clearly means that you can read all your eBooks on your computer. You don’t necessarily have to own a Kindle device in order to read your books on Kindle. Moreover, you don’t have to create Amazon credit card login as well.

Amazon Kindle Support

There is an application available now, which you can install on your PC. This app in going to sync with your online Kindle account, and when that happens, you can easily access your eBooks. So, you don’t need a Kindle device for that. You will be surprised to know that with this app, you can easily read through sample chapters prior to deciding whether or not to purchase a certain book or not. You can just do Amazon register in order to access all the features.

When you read eBooks in this app, you get the option to create notes and bookmarks as well. Besides that, you can highlight all the sections that you are interested in. All those things are going to be synchronized with the Kindle device. So, if you have a Kindle device, then you are going to like this option. It will be great fun to read books on the big screen of your computer, and it will also be easy on your eyes. You will have the ability to change the size of the text, change color and to switch to the full-screen mode. People don’t have to manage Kindle devices when they can read books on their PCs.

You are going to get a simple icon-based system, which will be used to provide an overview of the books that are present in your library and book themselves. You can get all the details easily, which is a great aspect because back in the day, it would have taken a lot of time. You will also get an easy access to the online shop of Amazon Kindle along with an automatic synchronization of the shop with your Kindle device. This feature is available on Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire as well. People are not required to perform Kindle Paperwhite update or Kindle Fire update in order to sync the devices with the shop. There is no need to tell that you and all Kindle users must install. It is also going to attract non-Kindle owners as well because they will know the importance of having a Kindle device.

What is new in 1.19?

Well there are a plenty of new things available in 1.19 such as;

  1. Better typesetting on eligible content for enhanced reading.
  2. The search feature has been improved.
  3. The inclusion of text-to-speech feature.
  4. Performance has been improved as well.