Well, rumor is hovering around the people’s ear that latest generation iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 5 will soon hit the stores. That’s not the only rumor we able to listen about upcoming iPad Mini 5 but rumor also discloses the specification and features of this upcoming tablet as well. The majority of these reports have claimed that this tablet will hold the larger amount of internal memory. The upcoming iPad Mini will be blessed with 128 GB of internal memory option according to reports.

Good news for the user is that, this tablet will provide you the fine quality content. Now you’ll be able to play the 4K high definition and 8K resolutions videos in it. We no need to define the quality if we said 8K, usually people consider 4K but when it’s come to 8K then you can imagine the picture and video quality. These types of files require a larger amount of space and will be taking up a lot of megabytes of storage.

This is just an expectation that perhaps this upcoming tablet will be powered by the latest A9 processor which is beneficial for boosting up the performance and improving the battery life. According to rumor, this model will be sleeker than the iPad Mini (previous-generation model). Many people are like, that if the coming tablet will be sleeker than it may contain a smaller battery which may give a low performance.  Let’s see when it’ll be out and what changes people will notice in it. Combo of a new chip and reworked OS perhaps able to make up for the difference.