The new iOS 10 has been unveiled along with some features related to tablets by WWDC 2016 this week. The features include split screen tabs that you can do in Safari. Apart from that, there is some bad news as well, especially for those who are using older iPads. Three iPads, i.e., iPad Mini, iPad 2 and iPad 3 will not get this iOS 10.

What this means is that around 40% of the mainstream iPads will now be deprived of the iOS 10. Until now, it was just the iPad one, which was not supposed to have the latest iOS versions, but the list has grown now. The new iOS 10 is going to come in September-October, so the lack of support is going to make the aforementioned models obsolete. If the analysis done by Localytics is to be taken into the consideration, then 40% iPads will become no longer in use.

17% people are using iPad 2, 15% are using iPad Mini and 9% are using iPad 3. The Apple iPad 2 is the most popular among the iPads lying just below iPad Air. Without the upgradation, these devices are susceptible to all sorts of malware, unless Apple decides to continue the upgradation of iOS in order to secure the devices. This news has definitely forced people to make a decision whether they want to buy new iPads. Moreover, the current iPad sales are also not that great, so let’s see what happens.